Summer Fashion That Doesn't Break the Bank

By Angie momo - Wednesday, August 02, 2017

With the changing of seasons, what can you expect for fashion or shopping?
It's definitely Sales! Summer Sales!

As most brands are switching their lookbooks into that of Autumn/Winter's, it is lucky and time for us in the countries (which have summer all year round) to grab those summer clothes off the "online shelves"!

Personally, Summer Sales period (Late June till now) is my favourite time of the year because every single Japanese brands will be marking down their clothes to a maximum of 70% off discounts, which are a super good bargain for value, quality & unique designs. Therefore, this time round, I have not missed it out as well and I have also gotten myself some really affordable clothes at E hyphen world gallery.

About E hyphen World Gallery
The brand focuses more on individuality while incorporating trendy elements, such as "girly", "coolness" & "loveliness". Furthermore, a variety of unique as well as playfulness elements were also considered in their designs, not missing out their attention to its design representation and fine details.

You can check out more details about them below:

Let's check out my simple Summer coordinate that I have pieced together with their clothes for the warm weather! 

Speech Bubbles design by Freepik

Original: 4.309 yen 
After Sales Discount: 2,000yen

Original: 3,229 yen 
After Sales Discount: 1,500yen

I simply place two of my favourite design details together - Flowers & Frills.
The floral top comes with tiny lavender and lilac flower patterns while the ribbon at the corner of the arm sleeves adds a cute finishing touch. On the other hand, the denim bottoms' main highlight are definitely the frilled details that set it apart from other denim bottoms. One little flaw to point out for this will be that it does not have any pocket at all but nevertheless, the bottoms still stole my heart and wallet  for its cuteness and details.

I would definitely love to direct link you guys the details but apparently, both item have already been sold out, definitely due to its discounts & design. My apologies.

What kind of clothes would first come across your mind whenever we talk about summer?
Sundresses, shorts, t-shirts, bikini and so on..

All we just want to do is to dress in comfy clothes made of lightweight fabric material or else the clothes are going to stick onto our skin so closely whenever we sweat. This is especially so in Singapore with warm, sunny days almost daily since it has a tropical climate.

Here are two Ehyphen coordinates that I have come up and would recommend you to try out for this hot Summer, where you can purchase them at affordable rates, dress up comfortably and at the same time, fashionably as well. ♥♥

Red Striped Off-shoulder Top - 1,293 yen
Black Tulle Skirt Set - 1,293 yen
Hello Kity White Fur Sandals - 2,265 yen
 ④ Vintage Print Short T-shirt - 969 yen
 ⑤ Hemmed Denim Skirt  - 646 yen
 ⑥ Kappa Sneakers - 2,265 yen

Please take note that some of the above items may be completely sold out after this post has been published. Prices stated above are all inclusive of tax and after discount.

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I hope that the information has been useful to you.
Please feel free to leave any comment or feedback in the comment box.


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