Review: Eyemazing x Jun Komori Lashes No.103 Natural Brown

By Unknown - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello everyone! I'm here once again~
I guess I won't be posting much after this, since I'm back to my full-time job. But my instagram's (@angiemomomo) always updated, that is if you wish to see my face. (≧▽≦) Now, let's hop on to today's post which will be a simple, short review of my favourite pair of eyelashes produced by Jun Komori. 

♥ This collection comes in 5 pairs even though mine has only three below.

Eyemazing x Jun Komori Lashes No.103 Natural Brown↓‎

Similarly to AMO's Strawberry Tea, this time round, I have also cut the eyelash shorter to match my small eyes and the results are shown in the picture below.

The reason why I love this eyelash collection is because it looks really natural and simply perfect for my droopy eyes. I have to admit that I might look fiercer but still, isn't it better than always looking sleepy. I could also reuse them quite a couple of times after regular washing. 

Will I buy it again?
Indeed, this set is already my third set of eyelashes. Basically, the moment I finished using the five pair of eyelashes, I quickly went back to the nearest store to restock. You guys should try it to see the result best for yourself. For now, this is the pair of eyelashes that I use on a daily basis.


Today, I also came across some really beautifully designed banner posters at Isetan Scotts, Shaw House while looking for my mom. I didn't know that Isetan Scotts was actually holding a Japan Art Exhibition since 11th October. I haven't been going to town for weeks already but I guess it wasn't too late for me to discover some of these beautiful artworks. If you're interested, you can drop by Isetan Scotts Level 2 to take a look but the exhibition will be ending on the 24th of October, in other words, two days later. (¬‿¬)

While browsing through the art galleries, the works by Tomoko Nagai and Yoshitaka Amano caught my attention most because their drawing styles are more towards my liking.

"Accessory case"  - Tomoko Nagai

"Madam Cat"  - Tomoko Nagai

"Candy Girls Mk. II-1" - Yoshitaka Amano

"Candy Girls Mk. II-3" - Yoshitaka Amano

Thank you for reading~ See you guys around!

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