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By Unknown - Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello everyone!
It has been a great pleasure and honour for myself that despite starting out my humble little blog only over a short span of eight months, I have been invited by Huntington Communicaations for a food tasting session last Friday, 14th March (White day) at Isetan Westgate, Basement Level one where all the Japanese delights are available. From time to time, Isetan organises different Japanese food fairs, ranging from Hokkaido, Kyushuu and more. This is the very first time that Isetan has collaborated with East Japan Marketing & Communications (jeki) to bring in Japanese Sweets Collection organized by jeki.

Everyone always has an appetite for sweets, don't we? And this fair will absolutely be sure to satisfy our sweet tooth here in Singapore. Japanese Sweets Collection features the best of Japanese sweets and confectionary delights, ranging from cream buns to cream waffles, Matcha (green tea) pudding and Matcha lattes to bean-paste doughnuts. Do read on to find out more about these eleven exquisite sweets that are brought to our sunny island!

✞ danish Bar - Crisp Sugar and Assortment
Price: $12.50 for a Large Box of Assorted danishes

danish Bar offers popular, crisp Danish bars, topped with fine quality Belgium pearl sugar. The texture was really soft to touch, and the sugar coated on top makes the overall result even better.

If you prefer something more chocolaty, you definitely have to try the chocolate Danish bar (below) because it is the perfect sweet for chocolate lovers, yet it does not make you sick of its taste for non cocoa lovers. 

Prefer something smaller? Fear not, they also offer Danish balls, varied in different tasty flavours. The difference between the Danish bar and Danish balls is that the Danish bar has a much softer texture and bite whereas the latter is more crunchy.

For the first time, they have come up with a special packaging deal exclusive for us in Singapore as they have never done so back in Japan. They have prepared both small and large boxes for customers to choose their own choice of Danish bars and Danish balls.
S - 2 Danish bars and 3 Danish balls.
L - 4 Danish bars and 5 Danish balls at $12.50

✞ Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo Honma - Tama Doughnut
Price: $6 for 5 pieees

This is perhaps my first time trying doughnut with really sweet red bean paste within and the feeling was great. The overall taste was just to my liking with the right amount of sweetness. You just have to try them as well as other confectioneries offered here. 

Another plus point would be the packaging with a cute drawing of a girl on it~! Definitely a must buy for those with a serious sweet tooth!!

Here's the doughnut, freshly made and fried just for us!

✞ Morihan - Matcha (Green Tea) Pudding and cookies
Price: $4.30 for 1 packet of pudding powder, $2.60 for cookies.

It is quite a pity that I did not manage to grab any decent pictures for this during the food tasting session but nevertheless, I still bought some packets home to try. This is one of the sweets that I would recommend you to give it a shot, simply because it's more of a do-it-yourself method where you can make the pudding by yourself. The steps are really simple and you can make Matcha pudding just by following the steps below.

1. Pour the powder (80g, meant for 4 pax) into a bowl.

 2. Add in 250ml of water, around 90°C

3. Cool it down for approximately 5 minutes and chill it for 3 hours. There you have it, your very own Matcha pudding!

✞ Tsujirihei Honten - Uji Matcha (Green Tea) Fresh Chocolate 
Price: $19.50 for 18 pieees

This chocolate is mixed with Uji matcha, which is usually used in the production of green tea, fresh cream and even white chocolate. One highlight of this chocolate will be the addition of Japanese SAKE to give it a slight intense flavour. Its taste is somewhat similar to that of Royce. It's worth a try if you are a avid fan of chocolates! 

✞ Mariko No Sato - Matcha (Green Tea) Latte
Price: $9.50 for 1 packet

Matcha was never a favourite in my life because of its bitter taste but this latte was the first to make me feel and think otherwise. The Matcha was smooth and very very aromatic, you definitely have to give it a try even if you are not really a fan of Matcha just like me. 

A big thank you to the staff for generously posing for the camera!

✞ Patisseie Sadaharu AOKI Paris - Macarons, Demisecs and Bonbons Chocolat
Price: Macarons at $34 for 6 pcs, Bonbons chocolat at $25 for 3 pcs.

Macarons are my favourite dessert in life and I have always respected people who are able to make them into pieces of art. It is definitely not an easy task to make macarons because every factor affects its condition during the preparation stage. 

Just a brief background of Mr Sadaharu Aoki: He has worked and trained in Japan before heading over to France by himself to pursue his dreams. After a few years working at different restaurants, he opened his first atelier, supplying pastries to hotels and events, before eventually gaining the reputation to open his own boutiques. These days, you can see his shops in Paris as well as in Tokyo and Taipei. One special point of his macarons would be his incorporation of Japanese elements, creating unique macarons with flavours such as Matcha and yuzu.

I managed to get a taste of his caramel macaron and I would say it is indeed lovely. The cream within melts literally into your mouth, smooth and soft like that of chocolate's. Every macaron is made with only the finest quality ingredients and that explains its "expensive" price range. If you are an avid fan of macarons, you definitely have to bring these darlings back home.

Japanese Sweets Collection has also brought in his Bonbon chocolat.

✞ Hattendo - Cream bun
Price: $3.80 for 1 piece

I managed to try two of the flavours which were Fresh Cream and Custard, the fresh cream was very light, fluffy and had a strong milky taste to it and being a milk lover myself it was perfect! The custard on the other hand was also one of the smoothest custards I have ever tasted, the buns were also light and chewy like most buns from Japanese bakeries which did not overshadow the taste of the fillings which I have to say were in generous proportions!

✞ Oimoyasan Koushin - Caramelized fried sweet potatoes
Price: $3 and $5
These sweet potatoes are definitely a great choice as a finger food. Since they come in small sizes, you can conveniently eat them as you shop around. Oimoyasan Koushin specialises in two different sweet potato potatoes, fried in honey or butter and milk. This is definitely a unique taste as compared to the ones you usually eat back at home. 

Another big thank you to the staff for posing for the camera!

✞ MAQUI's - Cracked Chocolate Block and Fresh Chocolate Roll
Price: $7.80 for 100grams

Hyogo-based MAQUI's have come up with an assortment of cracked chocolate blocks, made with five types of high quality chocolates. The ones I have tried during the session was their cheesecake and white chocolate strawberry. The cheesecake was really light and fluffy, totally different from usual cheesecakes we eat in Singapore. Whereas the combination of the sour taste of preserved strawberries and the sweet white chocolate was excellent as well. 

✞ MILESTONE - Waffle
Price: $3.50 for 1 piece

The soft textured dough of this waffle ease your taste buds along with the cream inside. There are a total of seven different flavours to choose from and I am sure that this will definitely satisfy you with its light, fluffy texture.

✞ MILKISSIMO - Cup of Gelato
Price: $6 (Single scoop), $7.50 (Double), $9 (Triple)

Guess what! The picture below is actually a plastic model of the gelato! Trust japan to make these items of such quality! I managed to sample the Cherry Blossom and Corn flavour of the various flavours of gelato, the Cherry blossom flavour was unique and taste-wise, it was a little sour and sweet like plum and smelled pleasant while the corn was creamy and light with the rich aroma of corn! Sorbet lovers should definitely go for the Cherry Blossom! 

And these were some souvenirs (below) I received from the company. How cute!

✞ All rights of the mascot used goes to the original creator.

Just a shout-out to let you guys know that this fair is currently ongoing till the 23rd of March, so do drop by Isetan Westgate now before all the sweets run out!

Japanese Sweets Collection ✞
Isetan Westgate, Basement Level 1
Date: 14th to 23rd March 2014
Time: Mon - Thu, Sun (10am - 8pm)
Fri & Sat (10am - 9.30pm)

Thank you for reading!

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