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By Unknown - Sunday, June 15, 2014

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My apologies for a lack of updates! Recently, I've been really busy focusing on my bridging course and it was finally over last Wednesday! All that's left right now are the two exams in July! July also means that my birthday is arriving soon~ (ღ ˘ ω˘) So three weeks back, Kelly Konomi organized a yukata shoot and invited people to join in~ I knew I have to count myself in, because my yukata will definitely rot in the wardrobe forever if I don't do so.

This pair of geta was borrowed from Kai Yun

Here's a picture of us! ✿ 

I believe that friendship forms magically and before you know, you're already that close with your other friend. This was actually only our 2nd time out together, the first being the Harajuku Fashion Walk the day before this and I think we already clique this well! Too many common interests and loves for Japan♥ Japan brings people together~ Despite the one being older, I feel that I'm the one being constantly looked after. Thanks, Kai Yun!☃

I'm loving my pink x purple yukata more & more day by day! It was bought by my boyfriend while he was having holidays with his parents at Japan 3 years back! The obi was tied cutely by Miki-san, a professional dresser whom I met at the shoot itself! Here's one selfie with Miki-san!

BTS shot by Kai Yun✿ 
And that's her boyfriend, Boris, the photographer for us both that day!

In the midst of waiting

Many thanks to Kelly once again for making the effort and taking time out to organize this shoot! 2014 has been an up & down year but I've sure met and made many new friends~ I've also took the chance over last Saturday to shoot my coordinates for the Harajuku Walk so do stay tuned for the next post for the pictures!

P.S. I would love to own more pieces of yukata

Thank you for reading!

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