Birthday Celebration at Basilico, Regent Hotel ♕

By Unknown - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy birthday to me on 8th July ✌
My birthday usually falls on school days or days with events, but this year it wasn't! It was on a weekday and I'm really thankful for the fact that Aaron took a day off from army to celebrate this very day with me. I couldn't be more appreciative and happy at the same time for his actions.  This year, both of us celebrated at Basilico, located at Regent Hotel as suggested by Aaron since I wanted to go for some pasta. 

I think I look kinda cringey here but a big THANK YOU to Aaron for the bouquet of flowers & birthday balloon! 

We were pretty much absorbed in the buffet selection to care too much for picture taking. That explains why there were not much shots other than the beautiful desserts. My favourite PARMA HAM is here!

I don't actually think that we ate too much but I guess Italian food have such strong flavorings which are too much for us to handle, that we felt really uncomfortable. After that, we gave ourselves some sweet treats to handle the discomfort.  

Crème brûlée

The pistachio cake (in green) was really good and I kinda regret that I didn't take more serving.

Cream puff with pistachio cream


Meringue tart

Panna Cotta

Birthday cake from the Basilico team 

I totally didn’t expect to receive this from the staff even though Aaron did mention during the reservation process but that was to get a good seat. Laughs* I was at loss of what to do but still, I was really touched by their actions. To my surprise, the cake actually contains ingredients that I really love. It was a Hazelnut praline chocolate cake! ♥♥ My lips went all dull since the tint was gone from all the eating. 

Basilico Restaurant 
1 Cuscaden Road Level 2 
The Regent Singapore 
Tel: +65 6725 3232 

Weekday Lunch Buffet: $42++

We went to chill at Antoinette after the buffet while waiting for our Transformers 4 movie later at night.

It's only three days and I'm missing my long hair already. I cut it because the ends were pretty damaged and I was dropping much more hair than usual. You'll see it in the next post but anyway, hair can always grow. I'll be really patient! 

Top ✞ Taobao
Culottes ✞ Tralala
Tights ✞ Taobao
Shoes ✞ Taobao

As each year passes me by, I feel that I'm learning more new things about life. Even though things may seem difficult, I try my best to be positive. May the second half of the year be as great as the first half!

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