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By Angie momo - Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hello everyone!
Yesterday, I went out in the style I used to adore a lot when I was younger, 
 black, cool, yes, still twintails.

I admit. I'm quirky. Why not?
The cute t-shirt is from LiSA's official goods!

I finally caught Disney's Cinderella live-action movie with Aaron! Everything was just so enchanting that I couldn't stop reminiscing about it. The place they shoot the movie, the costumes, the melody and not forgetting Frozen Fever that was served before Cinderella, it was too cute.

Other than Cinderella/Ella's iconic ball dress, these romantic peasant dresses are my personal favourites!! 

Am I weird to wish for one for myself?

There's endless movies coming out this month and I can't wait for Insurgent up next!! Have you seen and join my giveaway in the previous post? I'll try to put up the rafflecopter box in the side panel for better access in a few days' time. For now, it's mad-rush for assignment!

Till next time! ❤

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  1. OMG i can't wait for the insurgent too 😍 ' Sheo ' is seriously the best couple ever , i can't stop watching their interviews and interactions *.* i still didn't see cindrella but Defenitely i will ;)
    I loved the skirt and the jacket x

    1. You definitely have to watch Cinderella because it's sooo magical to blow you away~ Thank you as always !❤❤❤

  2. Too bad I haven't had chance to watch this movie ._. Anyway, how about its story? Does it have the same storyline as the old version of Cinderella story?

  3. If I were to tell you, it's like spoiling you but I would say there's no twist, no nothing :) Just a girl's dream coming true in the movie :D