Meet TAKERU & AKIRA exclusively at Funan Anime Matsuri'16!

By Unknown - Sunday, June 05, 2016

AKIRA & Takeru (SuG) at FAM'16, brought to you by JRunway!

Hello everyone! ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
Is anyone a fan of anime, AKIRA or Takeru (SuG)?
If your answer is yes, you should not miss out the Funan Anime Matsuri happening on 10th & 11th June! It is an event packed with anime merchandise, cosplay competition, fashion show (with AKIRA & Takeru) as well as chances of you meeting these artists up close!


If you have been catching up with the magazine KERA monthly, Akira is definitely not a stranger to you! But if you have yet to, you would probably wonder if Akira is a pretty boy or a handsome girl. The singer-songwriter-model-actress, known as Akira, was born on February 15 in Chiba, Japan, and is 168cm tall.

Akira rocks the androgynous look with her visual kei and punk style. That was what got her noticed by KERA, a Japanese street fashion magazine that focuses on Gothic, Lolita, Punk, and Visual Kei fashion. She was scouted to model for Kera after being featured in a street snapshot, where she made her debut in their magazine in 2008.

What is visual kei?
Visual kei is a popular subculture in Japan, described to be a music and fashion movement. Visual kei fashion involves heavy make-up, elaborate hair styles along with flamboyant, punk rock clothes. Visual kei’s music genres are generally classified under glam rock, punk rock, and heavy metal. Her usual look includes heavily lined eyes with smokey eye make-up, and short, layered hair that is long at the nape. According to an interview she had with TokyoRebel, her personal outfits are inspired by whatever anime she is into at that point. She also has many kimono and hakama inspired fashion pieces.

More about AKIRA
Akira gained popularity with Kera’s readers, typically teenage girls for her androgynous visual kei style and charisma. She was featured on the cover of Kera and Kera Boku, a subsidiary of Kera magazine, multiple times as their top boy’s style model. (I can't wait to meet her too!!)

Akira was first introduced to the androgynous style in her secondary school’s play. She fell in love with it and made it part of her identity from then on. Outside of her work, Akira rarely wears any feminine clothing due to her preference in men’s fashion. Some of her favourite fashion brands are Sex Pot Revenge, Alice and the Pirates, and Super Lovers.

Akira is definitely more than a pretty face as she has been in a band and started modelling at a young age of 12.  She is currently the lead singer and songwriter of her three-member visual kei band, Disacode. Furthermore, Akira only acts in plays and musicals, one of the most iconic performance would be her as one of the main leads, Kaname Kuran in the Vampire Knight (manga by Matsuri Hino) musical in Japan.

Follow her updates here: Twitter || Instagram

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Takeru (SuG)

Takeru is the brain behind many of the songs and concepts of popular visual kei band, SuG. The singer-songwriter-designer-model, SuG’s Takeru was born on May 11 in Japan and is 164cm tall.

Takeru sports many different types of short to medium length hairstyles, usually dyed in a light shade and has his eyebrows dyed to match his hair. Just like many other visual kei artists, he rocks the guyliner.

Besides his writing and singing songs for his visual kei band, Takeru also designs his own line of gothic street fashion, Million $ Orchestra. How talented!! ʕ´❤ᴥ❤`ʔ The brand produces both men and women fashion as well as fashion accessories. Just like true gothic fashion, many of Million $ Orchestra clothes are in black and white.

Million $ Orchestra was established in 2010 with a release of 8 collections since then, the latest collection being “Virgin”. Unsurprisingly, the brand’s collections have similar names to SuG’s songs and albums. Million $ Orchestra has been very popular in Japan, particularly with the Harajuku crowd, possibly due to their unique fashion pieces and the bold style. The brand has even had a pop-up store in Los Angeles.

According to Takeru in an interview, the brand was started as a form of expressing himself with his music. His inspirations were also gotten from manga, movies and such. Some of Takeru's favourite fashion brands include MalkoMalka, Galaxxxy, and New Era.

Follow his updates here: Instagram || Million $ Orchestra

Funan Anime Matsuri @ Funan DigitaLife Mall

10th June, 5pm 
Jrunway Media Conference

11th June, 5pm
Jrunway Fashion Show

Meet-and-greet session with Akira & Takeru time slots 
1.30-2pm, 2.30-3pm, 3.30-4pm

Meet-and-greet session conditions: 
AKIRA: Purchase above $80 of products at JRunway store or online

TAKERU: Purchase any artist merchandise at JRunway store or online

*Valid store receipt date starts from 27 May to 3 June 2016. Remember to show your purchase receipt or online purchase confirmation order at the JRunway booth and exchange it for a meet & greet pass before 11th June 12:30PM.

Last admission for the meet-and-greet sessions ends 15 minutes before each allocated meet-and-greet session starts. 

What is JRunway?
If you haven't heard of JRunway, you have been missing out! JRunway is a Japanese multi-brand boutique that houses several brands like WEGO (my favourite), Emoda, ANAP, Titty&co. and more! JRunway currently operates as an online provider and ships to Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand only! Check out my previous collaboration with them here!

You can get some of Akira's products at too! link



The annual 夏祭り2016 Natsu Matsuri 2016 Summer Festival at Changi Japanese Primary School, Singapore is coming once again! So why not check out the yukata collection by JRunway. Prepare them and get ready to deck in your beautiful yukata on the day itself!

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Come join us at Funan Anime Maturi on the 10th and 11th June!

Thank you for reading! 
See you at the event~

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