Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant at UE Square Shopping Mall

By Angie momo - Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just to let you guys know, both Aaron and I love to try different kinds of food and last Saturday, we headed over to Shin Minori for some Japanese a-la carte buffet for a change of environment from our usual buffet restaurant hangouts. Perhaps it was our first time visiting the restaurant, thus we were lost in finding our directions there. Shin Minori was a last minute decision, hence we ended up having our dinner buffet at the sushi bar since we did not make any reservations beforehand and that it was full house.

We arrived around six plus, with only a few people around, thus our orders came real quick the moment we placed them on the colourful slips of paper provided. The lighting was not so flattering since it was already turning dark. Please pardon my pictures.
SASHIMI! - It tasted freshly normal. 

Teriyaki chicken

I'm not a lover of tuna mayo sushi but I would say that Shin Minori's was really good as it melts in your mouth without much fishy taste or smell.

Shake Wafu Teppan - Salmon with special sauce 

Ebi Tempura 

Kani Miso Shiru - Cream of crab bean paste soup 
Thumbs up for this! 

There's always room for second round of sashimi!

Hotate Be-kon Piza - Scallop Bacon Pizza
I don't really like this because the whole taste together with the ingredients is just too salty and the pizza crust was cold when served.

Price: ★★★☆☆
The price range is considered acceptable for its wide range of food choices to choose from.

Service: ★★☆☆
Both Aaron and I were very displeased with one of the older female servers because she was totally rude to us, her gestures and movements. She did not bother to excuse herself before clearing the plates while we were halfway eating. She was also in a rush to clear the plates for god knows what reasons. Her attitude was very unprofessional and it feels as though she's working in the wet market when it is a restaurant in the first place. The other servers were fine but thanks to that one black sheep, I feel very uncomfortable during my time there.

Environment: ★★☆☆
It was quite conducive if you minus away the sushi bar point (Totally no space to put our shopping bags or whatsoever. 

Would I come back again?
No, I wouldn't. The location itself is already inconvenient. Even though I shouldn't pinpoint the whole service level of the restaurant to that of that one person, I still felt somewhat uncomfortable during my whole stay that I wish to leave the place as soon as possible. Desserts are not included in the menu and they are billed separately. I rather go to another restaurant where the charges are more expensive but their food quality and service are more top-grade as compared to this restaurant. 

 Outfit of that day

 11.30am - 2.30pm 
Last order: 2.15pm

Monday - Sunday
Price: Adults - $32.00++ || Child - $22.00++

6pm - 10.30pm
Last order: 9.45pm

Monday - Thursday
Price: Adults - $36.00++ || Child - $23.00++

Friday - Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday & PH
Except Christmas Eve, New Year Eve, CNY Eve & Special Occasions*
Price: Adults - $39.00++ || Child - $27.00++

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant 
UE Square Shopping Mall #03-15/16
81 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore (239917)
Tel: +65 6733 2272
More info:

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