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By Unknown - Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I thought that it would be quite helpful for you readers to understand more about me and what kind of path this blog is going. Basically, I'm neither one with great makeup, hairstyling skills nor do I excel in fashion styles but all I wish to convey through my blog is to share my love for them. I hope that as we go along each post, you'll learn something different or even special from me.  

It's gotta be pastel and white! I'm no different from other girls out there, loving sweet colours and wanting to dress myself up in pastel coloured clothing to look sweet. But I have the tendency to dress myself up in black or dark colours, perhaps because it's easier to coordinate such clothes together since black rarely goes wrong. I have to admit that sometimes, it's really tiring to spend hours on your hair and makeup, and worse still, making your boyfriend wait for ages since I like to take my own sweet time. But I do enjoy the dolling up process before heading out beautifully.

Myself in darker coloured clothes below↓

I name these three main girls - AMO, Seto Ayumi and LiSA (singer).
I like to extract each of my little favourite points of theirs and coordinate into my own style.
AMO - A Harajuku, Zipper model. Her pastel lavender & brown ombre hair went viral in Harajuku, and even now, it's still popular among girls. I love her doll-like features, makeup and hairdo. From her own produced photo-book, Amoscream, she has highlighted her various fashion styles - Fancy Kids, 90's Rocker✮, French Lolita and Gothic Doll which kindle my interest in her even more. But above all, what I love most about her is her pastel coloured clothing coordination that she puts together to make it her very own AMO style. I absolutely love her signature hairstyle - high twin ponytails being tied with ribbons and laces (most of the time in dolly curls). Not to forget mentioning that her droopy eye-make is well-liked by girls as well, since it makes you look more dolly and innocent.

Seto Ayumi - A Harajuku, Zipper model.I first came across her when her ombre hair attracted my attention as well - Bright cherry red fringe with blonde shade for her hair base. From her own produced photo-book, Ayumi Kidz, she has highlighted her wide fashion styles as well - Kidz & Boy, American Casual, Sporty & Street, Rock, Preppy & School and Girly Pop which shows a very different side of fashion as compared to AMO. So when there's times where I feel like dressing up more boyish, I'll look into Ayumi's fashion styles for some help. Her fashion style is heavily influenced by the American culture since she really loves the food (especially hamburgers), culture, basically almost everything there. That might explain why her favourite colour coordination is red with blue.

LiSA - A Japanese singer, well-known for singing "Ïchiban no Takaramono" for anime, Angel Beats; "Crossing field" for Sword Art Online and "Oath Sign" for Fate/Zero. Her fashion styles are more towards the rocker side since she used to be the vocalist in a rock band before she debuted as a solo artist. I especially adore her coordination of simple graphic tops along with a poofy tulle skirt, matched with lots of punk accessories consisting of skulls and more. Her colour coordination has since become more vibrant and playful and that could be due to the fact that she's in the japanese anime field; Bright colours kindle more energy and joyfulness.

Liz Lisa, Candy Stripper, Bonbon, Katie. 

There's certain cosmetic brands that I use daily but there's also other brands where I like solely for their beautiful packaging such as Majolica Majorca, Too Faced, Shu Uemura and Anna Sui


For 21 years of my life, I've been in straight hair all these while. So I was thinking of undergoing a change this time round; going for a permanent digital perm. Despite loving to try out different kind of hairstyles and hair colours, I've yet to try one that requires bleaching since it might damage my scalp but I would definitely love to try at least once in time to come. Of all the hair lengths, the best responses from friends are the one where I had short hair. Which style do you think suits me best? On a side note, this was the picture (below) I've recently shown to my hairstylist, Desmond for my digital perm advice. I hope that everything goes through smoothly since he has never tried perming my stubborn hair before. But I put all my trust in him as he always has good hands on my hair.

I don't like to stick to one concept every single time. For example, I may dress myself up in pastel coloured clothes today; the next day, I would go for something totally opposite. In my opinion, trying out different styles is a whole lot more interesting than just sticking to one and at the same time, you could slowly discover what suits you best and learn how to enhance yourself as you grow up.

CutecanKill - I've been supporting CCK ever since I found it on the net. All the accessories are hand-made by Lila with love and effort. I've always got a thing for hand-made items and you can truly see the evident great workmanship in them. I do shop at other online stores that sell hand-made items as well but so far, I have the best experience with CCK since Lila's really efficient and sweet. I can't wait for the launch of the next collection!

I hope that you manage to know a little about me today and that I didn't bore you down with such a lengthy post! 

Thank you for reading!  

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  1. I love your blog!! I've always been into anime and asian cultures. Especially since i am part taiwanese! by the way, your hair is soo PrEtty!!! :D

    1. Hello! Thank you :DDD I'm glad that there's people who love my blog :3 I'll keep working hard to make it an even better place~