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By Angie momo - Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello everyone! 
Today, I'm here to share with everyone some of my purchases (picture above) from CuteCanKill once again. This is my third time patronizing the online store and my experience is still great. I've previously done up a simple review of CCK and you could actually read it up here! Due to the festive season back in December, the shipment was delayed but nevertheless, I received my items in good condition. 

My apologies for the filters, I was sorta going for the dreamy effect here~ (´っω・ヾ)

Here's a close up shot of the Angel crystal holographic wings (rose) ✞

My Fairy dreamy unicorn necklace ✞

One of the greatest and happiest moment was finally being able to get my hands on this Mystical kitty necklace (below)! ✞

I definitely did not forget my Fairy moon star earrings! ✞ 

On top of that, Lila-chan was so sweet as always to add in a little gift (heart-shaped two way hair-clip/pin below) for me! 
Thank you as always 

How sweet 
Heart buttons are also given if you spent more than $30! 

My outfit

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Thank you for reading! (^・ω・^ )

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