KOKOkim S/S Collection 2014

By Angie momo - Thursday, February 06, 2014

Hello everyone! ✞
How did your Lunar New Year celebration go? Did all of you manage to collect lots of red packets? Well, putting the hongbao matter aside, let's not forget that the festive season's main aim is about the quality time we spend together with our dearest family and relatives. 

Today, I'm back here again after a good celebration to share with you an original Japanese brand by the talented Harajuku model & Japanese Kawaii Ambassdor, Kimura U. KOKOkim by木村優 was launched last year in collaboration with GLAD NEWS and the concept behind is "Moeru Harajuku" (MoeHara in short), which blends design elements from both Harajuku and Akihabara. Doesn't it sound super cute to you? I've been eyeing her clothes ever since they were featured in the facebook page of "Kawaii International" but the ones that caught my eyes were mostly sold out almost quickly at Rakuten.

Kawaii International, also known as Kawaii.i in short, brings you the latest Tokyo's fashions and japanese anime/manga trends from Japan. It is also broadcasted on NHK World and one of the most memorable episodes for myself will be the one where various kawaii ambassdors from different countries gathered together in Japan - they share their love for Japan and its fashion, learn & experience new, different things, etc. 

Enough of all these boring text, let's hop on to the pictures for the KOKOkim Spring/Summer Collection 2014! 
These are just some of my favourites 

My favourite style/design has to be "Candy Millefeuille", the print that has horizontal pastel striped colours marked with the brand name. This Spring/Summer collection is on a pre-order basis and the items will be released in the month of mid-April or Early May. Some of the items are already sold out, so hurry and pre-order your KOKOkim items now! I would say that the prices are kinda steep so after much thought, I only pre-ordered the Candy Millefeuille stockings in pink. I really can't wait for mine to arrive (if things go right, I'll do up a mini-review as well). For more information, you can always click on these helpful links below.

Kimura U's Facebook ✞ Blog

Thank you for reading!

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