Outfit: AMO x LDS collaboration ✞

By Unknown - Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello everyone!  
In order not to make my previous post too lengthy, I decided to separate the blog entries - one for the the patisserie experience and another just for my outfit. Aaron and I coincidentally spotted this perfect spot to have a quick shoot of my outfit after our time at Antoinette. Talk about luck!

Today's outfit is LDS, Love Drug Store x AMO  Let's go!! 

Outfit of the day✞ 
Flying dream one-piece ✞ AMO x LDS
Daydream jacket ✞ AMO x LDS
Candy hair tie ✞ Osewaya
Seashell beaded necklace ✞ Cutecankill

I'm soaring in the sky - DAYDREAM 

AMO's 1st collaboration with LDS in 2014 was this collection. When I managed to get hold of these clothes, I was dying in a pool of happiness and fluffiness. 

I can't believe how AMO always manages to come up with all these cute ideas for the perfect clothes and she is indeed giving my pocket a hole. If you haven't known, I've a thing for AMO (Not romantically, but more like a fashion role model)~ When it comes to the things she endorses or designs, it feels like a must get thing for me! Maybe because I love the things she loves? 

Pink and blue in pastel NEVER goes wrong.

Aaron, my great man behind all my beautiful pictures 
Whom always like to hide behind me in pictures, making my face look even bigger!
except for the selfies

I was trying to make the whole look more towards the sweeter side and to grab hold of that perfect look, you have to come up with a good hairstyle as well. What I did: Side french braids tied all the way and twisted into a bun with a twin candy hair-tie.

Do you like this look of mine? Cheers for more coordinates to come!

P.S. For people living in Singapore!
There's an upcoming Harajuku Street Walk to be held here at 4pm sharp next Saturday, 24th May 2014. So let's go dress ourselves up in our own styles and rock the streets on this very day~ Show the world how colourful we are!! LET'S SPREAD THE LOVE OF HARAJUKU FASHION, JAPANESE FASHION!

You can always check out more information here:

Thank you for reading!

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