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By Unknown - Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello everyone!  
Can I say that last Saturday's trip down to Antoinette was more of a recce for my upcoming 22nd mini-birthday celebration to come in two months' time? The pavilion was already occupied by a group of friends celebrating one of their 21st birthday during tea time so it was basically a no-no entrance for walk-in customers like us. The reason why I've wanted to go to the branch located at Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance was mainly because of the pavilion.

UPDATE: Antoinette Palais Renaissance has been closed but you can still visit their other outlet. For more updates, you can check out their Facebook page here~

Take a look at its magnificent layout where you can see it immediately once you walk down the stairs like a royal member!

Image courtesy from the original Antoinette site 

Make a small guess which seats were we shown to?
Hint: The most awkward looking one located at the heart of the room.

Image courtesy from the original Antoinette site 

 Please pardon some of the pictures' lighting and quality. It was really difficult to capture good ones since our resources are limited.

TADA! This~

This Café Antoinette Crème tastes really unique and light. The taste of the its sweetness (after adding some sugar of course) still remains even after each bite of the sweets.

Strawberry Short cake for myself since I'm a fan of this particular desssert.
I had a difficult time comtemplating between over this and Bakerzin's as my favourite strawberry shortcake since both of their standards are pretty high. The texture for Antoinette's is really light and fluffy and you wouldn't get sick of the taste, but the bad point would be the sour strawberries. Strawberries are my favourite fruits and to eat them sour is definitely a no-no.

Mont blanc for Aaron 
This is probably one of the best mont blancs I have ever eaten to date. The chestnut puréed was perfect, not giving off this starchy feeling after each bite. To perfect the taste, the crust at the bottom would do the trick!

We also ordered a pot of Geisha earl but the taste seems too bland for us. No picture for it since it looks really normal.

This (below) was one of the best spots in the room I thought I would love to be seated at but it was already occupied by another Japanese couple who arrived just minutes before us. How unlucky!

The overall service at Antoinette was great except for one of them. Do I sound like some demanding customer, asking for too much? I seem to be always complaining about bad service here and there. Perhaps the reason why was because it was related to food, so I appreciate that my stay each time at different dining places be their best so that I would patronize them again. Everyone would love to enjoy themselves and feel at home while having a meal.

Look who I found while walking around Isetan Scotts after Antoinette!

It's Furbanks squirrel from Sylvanian families ♡♡♡ My favourite is their Cottontail rabbit babies though. The mascot was actually quite a distance away from us but the moment I saw it, I was exclaiming in joy and the guy aiding this squirrel went "Do you want to take a picture together?" I was like "OF COURSE!!" (without shouting it out literally) with a smile!

Outfit post coming right up next! ✞

Antoinette at Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, 
B1-08/09/10C, Singapore 238871 

Opening hours
Daily – 11am to 10pm 
Last order - 9.30pm

Telephone Number: (65) 67356392 
Reservations: Highly recommended, 1 week in advance. 
*Reservations taken for lunch and dinner only at our Penhas Road & Palais Renaissance outlet.

Main Site

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