DollyWink Guinness World Records Setting Event for "Most people applying False Eyelashes!" ◕‿◕

By Angie momo - Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello everyone!  
It's been close to two months since I last updated. I've been putting all my focus into school & work and thus, resulting in this blog dying. And here I am today, finally updating! So few weeks back, Kai Yun and I went to sign up for the DollyWink Guinness World Records Setting event (20th Sep 2014).

To commemorate Dolly Wink's 5th anniversary, we will challenge to set a new world record for having the most amount of people applying false eyelashes simultaneously! (。^ ε ^。 )

All we just have to do was to sign up & pay $10 online and we'll receive a DollyWink goodie bag worth over $100 at the actual event day. This offer was too attractive for any girl or DollyWink fan to resist! We were told not to put on any eyelash, eyeliner and mascara and  that explains my sleepy eyes below. And PINK was the dress code!

The event was full house with all the girls waiting anxiously for it to begin! The event's host was Rozz, a famous radio presenter from LUSH 99.5FM along with Singapore's very own top blogger, Xiaxue. Not to forget, local bloggers like Rachell Tan. Miyake, Evonnz and Shu An as well as local celebrity actor/actress, George young and Hayley Woo were all present to grace this special event! Rozz was really entertaining throughout the event, making the whole experience even more enjoyable!

 photo i-117.gif    photo i-103.gif    photo i-114.gif    photo i-113.gif    photo i-105.gif    photo i-106.gif    photo i-106.gif 
Look at all the products we have from the goodie bag below!
DollyWink Black Mascara
DollyWink No.2 Sweet Girly eyelash (Limited Edition - 3 pairs)
DollyWink Eyelash glue
Pink Ribbon pin (in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation)
Scissors + Eyelash curler
DollyWink Eyelash case
DollyWink Black Liquid Eyeliner
$10 off Dollywink Discount Voucher

Instructions were also given to help people who will be putting on the fake eyelashes for their first time.

We look kinda worn out but it's just us without eyelashes.

Sailor Mercury's Crystal Change Rod

Poof~ DollyWink No.2 Sweet Girly eyelash on! 
  Should I do a review for it? Regrets not getting the newly released eyelashes!  

Fake eyelashes have become part of my makeup routine and have definitely made my droopy eyes bigger! Thank god for their creation~ After putting on the fake eyelashes, it's definitely time for more selfies!! (◠ω◠✿)

The event was a great success with 324 successful participants witnessing this meaningful process together! A toast by the Koji president along with the local bloggers & celebrities on stage for a congratulatory ceremony~

It's been ages since I last pop the party popper~ 
Can't hide the excitement* (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Also, I met Kelly & Boon Eng at the event too! Saw many familiar faces as well but didn't really get the chance to say hi to them~ Selfie time ( ◠ ‿◠)✌

After that, I just went to find Aaron & that marks the end of the day! ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

Dress ✞ Taipei
Heart Necklace ✞ Cutecankill
Heart bracelet ✞ CialiKawaiiland
Bonbon hair tie ✞ Sanrio Little Twin Stars

Till next time! 

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