Review: Taiwan Charming Glance B08 Eyelash

By Angie momo - Friday, January 16, 2015

Hello everyone!
Today, I'll be doing a review of my favourite false eyelashes from Taipei, Ximending.

False eyelashes have become part of my usual makeup routine and I simply cannot live without them. It makes me feel that my makeup is incomplete if I go without them. I always go with my makeup policy of either bare or full.

During my Taipei trip last year, I bought different styles of eyelashes in one set only to try since they were really affordable. Back then, all the stores were only selling black false lashes so I was really overjoyed that I managed to get some affordable and beautiful brown lashes.

I requested my mom to help me purchase it months back at Taipei as well but she got me some super dolly lashes which were not to my liking. Thankfully, Aaron's friend went there recently and he managed to find it! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

The reasons why I adore these lashes so much because they are more towards the natural end with the cute droopy effect, the fact that they are brown in colour and lastly, they are slightly similar to AMO's strawberry tea lashes.

These eyelashes have the best fitting length and I don't to have the cut the excess away. The eyelashes come in 10 pairs plus 2 bottom eyelashes, retailing at $8 Singapore dollars only. The next time I'm heading back to Ximending, I am definitely stocking up on this.

You can get these falsies through the street vendors on push carts, not the retail shops. It's called the Charming Glance eyelash with the B08 code. There is a couple of these makeshift stores that sell falsies, you'll just to have keep looking! Trust me, Ximending isn't that big! 

A shout-out to Boon Eng for helping me get my favourite AMO's Get Up Girly book! ~✩ 
Till next time!

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