Good-bye 2014, Hello 2015!

By Angie momo - Thursday, January 01, 2015

Hello everyone! 
It's already past 12am here in Singapore so I'm here wishing everyone

2014 has been a fruitful year with many ups and downs. It came and left quickly as well. Despite trying my best to blog about fashion, I realised that my food entries are in fact more. Thus, I will try my best to blog more about fashion this year. 

While I started out this blog as a form of improving my English, I soon became addicted to blogging especially editing pictures and writing to ensure that my readers learn something new during each entry. Even so, everyone is ambitious, including me; I yearn that my blog and even fashion is recognised by people. Most of my readers are from overseas and it could be because my blog works more towards the direction of Japanese kawaii fashion, which is not as popular as the local fashion in Singapore. Still, I will try my best to introduce to everyone my love of this particular fashion. At the same time, I would also learn more about fashion from other countries too. 
Here's a round up of the coordinates I love for the year of 2014image
2014 has also become a stepping stone for me from being sponsored by TheThe Better Sweater and KawaiiGoods to being invited for a Japanese Sweets Collection food tasting session. I feel so honoured and cannot be more thankful to be offered these great opportunities. I will continue to work even harder so that I will be given even more opportunities like this in the year 2015.

2014 had also allowed me to make more new friends and photographers through the Harajuku Walk. It's really amazing how Kai Yun and I were able to clique so well when we only met up for the second time during the 1st Harajuku Walk back in June. Friends come and leave but as of now, we should all just treasure what we have and our loved ones around us. 

I would like to grab this chance to thank Noriaki-san for organising the Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore since 24th May because I was able to make more new friends with common interests. The walk also allows people to be creative and open up to wide world of Japanese fashion.  

Outfits for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Harajuku walk
I wish that all my readers stay healthy and have a great year ahead! Stay tune to the giveaway! I shall also look forward to my planned shoots and cosplay in this new year~

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