Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore with Junnyan-san!✧

By Angie momo - Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello everyone! 
Last Saturday, we have the privilege to attend the Harajuku Fashion Walk in Singapore with Junnyan-san, the founder of the original Harajuku Fashion Walk back in Japan! Junnyan-san was invited as one of the special guests for a local event, Icexpo!

Check out his pop coordinate
How colourful!! He's super friendly and cute! 

The walk in Singapore would also not have happened without this guy here! Noriaki-san❤ Thank you for letting me join in the discussion panel~

The day for me started with the walk at 1pm, Merlion Park, the usual venue that all of us would gather together before setting off. Here's a lovely group shot by CHR Studios!

The walk then ended at Scape, where the Icexpo event was held at. At 4pm, we had our panel discussion along with Junnyan-san, where we discussed various questions with relations to Harajuku Fashion!

From left: Noriaki-san (founder of Harajuku), Celester(MC), Xin Yi (Translator), Junnyan-san, Myself (Aomoji Kei/Fairy Kei), Ume (Dark Mori Kei), Chanel (Oshare Kei), Junka (Shironuri), Sabrina (Lolita).

Before the panel started, Junnyan-san jokingly said this to me, "Momo-san's the star". This was because my seating position was in the middle due to arrangement of seats in alphabetical order. ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ

Photo by Kevin Kucinta Seet 

Being part of the panel made me realise that I should work hard on my public speaking skills and read up more on different kinds of fashion. It was a good experience as all of us exchanged our personal opinions about the same topic.

 Good job to everyone!! ʕ/ ·ᴥ·ʔ/

After an hour of panel discussion, we headed off to the next venue for our mini Harajuku fashion showcase in conjunction with SHINE Festival! 

Group shot by XDantheManX Online

✧ All the above shots of the discussion panel & fashion show are taken by Boris.秋村 Photography unless stated!


Top ✞ Cotton-on
Mint vest top  Denizen
Dress ✞ Kawaiigoods (Sponsored)
Shoes ✞ Rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Rosette  Moododo
Necklace ✞ Cutecankill
Choker, Socks & Bag ✞ WEGO x Jrunway

You guys should join in the Harajuku Fashion Walk to showcase your fashion style or make new friends with similar interests if your country has one! For more details of the walk in Singapore, you can always check out the Facebook page here!

P.S. I can't wait to coordinate the top that I have purchased from Junnyan-san! Thank you for the badges again!

Hope you have a colourful time like I did~
Till next time! 

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