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By Unknown - Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Today, I'm back with some photos from a shoot I did before attending the 8th Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore. The coordinate was pieced together with a "modern 80s' pop" fashion style in mind. It was a really fun coordinate to head out in because it was so colourful and cute at the same time!


P H O TO :  G E N O    ♬    E D I T I N G : M O M O 

The 80s era is filled with loud, fun colours in people's choice of clothes and coordinates. Some popular fashion trends back then were neon, slogan tees, leggings, mini skirts and too many to list them all. Inspired by a Japanese model, Peco, who does occasional collaboration with popular Harajuku brand (Bubbles) as well as her love for 80s fashion, I pieced my coordinate together with my favourite shades of pink, purple, white and a hint of blue. 

To cast aside the usual pastel shades I'm in, I went for a more vibrant look this time round for the walk. As you can tell from most of my coordinates, they are somewhat more towards the casual side. This is something that I personally prefer as I would love to join the walk in fashion/style, which I would normally be able to wear everyday, instead of just a costume or coordinate solely for the sake of the the walk.

I can't wait for the next walk in August where I can meet all my dear friends again! Do check out my Facebook and Instagram for more regular updates!

Till then! 

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