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By Angie momo - Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hello everyone!! 
Today, I'm here to share with you, a mini accessories online store, Sugar Floss that I have established. The accessories from Sugar Floss range from necklaces, hair pins to specifically earrings with a cute theme in mind. My main idea in establishing Sugar Floss was to share with people who love cute accessories just like I do. I also truly believe that they play a big role in contributing to your outfit or even completing your coordinate. 

Sugar Floss's accessories also have ever-changing designs or themes, typically fairy-tales, magical girl style, pom pom, ribbons and more, so that everyone can be spoilt for choices! I have also chosen colours that are mainly of pastel tones, which are soft, soothing and great companion to whichever coloured clothing that you deck in!

ʕ; •`ᴥ•´.ʔ╯
Here are some of my favourites!

Magical Girl Star Earrings
Colour availability: Lilac
Preorder availability: Transparent white, Pink, Yellow, Lilac & Blue

Pastel Ribbon Key Earrings
Colour availability: Transparent white
Preorder availability:  Transparent white, Pale Pink, Pinkish Purple, Purple, Baby Blue & Mint

Pink Ribbon Choker (SOLD OUT)
Colour availability: Baby Pink
Picture reference when wore: here

Jellyfish Princess Earrings
Availability: PREORDER only

「 Summer Mermaid 」 
A summer filled with a collection of the sea
Jellyfishes, starfishes swimming freely in the blues
Seashells washed up the sandy shore
Just a princess gazing up above to seek for a little adventure 

The jellyfish tentacles were trimmed shorter to my desirable length and they look so much better! 

For pre-order products, the deadline is 29th April!

For more details: 
For local buyers, you can contact me through carousell or instagram~
For overseas buyers, you can PM me via my instagram or e-mail~

Hope you have a good time! 
Till next time! 🍓

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