SHACHU Hair Salon at Shibuya, Tokyo

By Angie momo - Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hello everyone! 
It's been a long while since I posted an informative entry and yes, today I will be sharing with everyone my first hair dyeing experience in Japan! I have always desired so badly to visit Japan one day and I finally managed to do so last May! 

I went on to do my hair the next morning after reaching Japan in the late evening. This was how my hair looked like before some magic~

 To ensure that everything was smooth sailing, I had previously booked my appointment with my selected hair salon two weeks back. I am not too sure about their "walk-in" policy but I would definitely encourage you to place a reservation first since some stylists may either be occupied the whole day or having their rest day.

If you would like to skip the process of how to reserve your hair appointment, you can simply scroll to the bottom to view more pictures. ❤ Trust me, it's gonna be a real long post today!

Where do I reserve my hair appointment?
Through this website called Hot Pepper Beauty! It is one of Japan's largest sites for finding and booking hair salons, as well as nail and beauty salons.

How did I find out about Hot Pepper Beauty?
I was redirected to this site while I was trying to place a reservation under my hair salon website. You can follow the 3 simple steps below if you have in mind of visiting SHACHU Hair Salon. Do note that SHACHU has 2 different branches! Please take note of the branch you're reserving for!

Conversely, for myself, I already have a hair stylist in mind. So I would continue with Step 1 but for Step 2, I would click the word "STAFF" instead of "RESERVATION". Lastly, click reservation under the stylist's picture.

I was then redirected to the HP Beauty site as shown just below with my hair stylist's (Manami) picture. Simply, click on the red button to place a reservation with her! 

Lastly, just continue with another 4 steps on the site - which includes:
1. The hair services you would like e.g. hair-cut, bleaching, hair dyeing, etc.
2. Date and time of hair appointment,
3. Enter your contact details and lastly,
4. Confirm your reservation contents.
And you've booked your appointment! Congratulations❣

Tip: Google translate the page. It can't go that wrong!

On the Hot Pepper website, the salons are classified neatly by their regions in the country. There are also discounted coupons in specfic salons for first-timers and that could help you save up quite a bit of money!

I wouldn't say that the site is super user-friendly especially to somone like me, who could not read Japanese but along the way, I would just translate the page to English to help in my reservation.

However, I would rather go through the trouble of reserving my slot than to reaching the salon, being unable to do my hair!

I would say that the salon is quite hidden behind some buildings, shining away from the streets of Shibuya. There is also a relatively big signboard, which directs you to the salon easily straight after the parking lot.

 When comparing SHACHU to salons in Singapore, the difference will be the scent. I find that some local salons in Singapore have this particular salon smell but thankfully, there was nothing of that sort in SHACHU.

My appointment was 11am and there were no other customers back then. So I managed to get my hair all done within 3 hours. How fast! I had initially assumed that I could only grab dinner with my boyfriend after the hair appointment but it seems that we still had half of the entire day to explore around Shibuya! Lucky us~

And this is how my hair looked like after one bleach & dyeing! Manami-san called it lavender pink ❤ I absolutely adore how she finished the look with their in-house styling!

Thank you so much to Manami-san & Shoki-san, her assistant for the day! They made my whole hair dyeing experience at SHACHU a much more fun & worthwhile one!! ❤ 

The most heartwarming thing was Manami being concerned that bleaching twice might be too harsh on my sensitive scalp and therefore, we only went with bleaching once in the end. Also, she tried her best to search for the most identical hair colour that I desired to have before we proceeded with hair dyeing. Thank you! ❤ 

Both their teamwork together was simply flawless and Manami-san, being the senior will always double check her assistant's progress before giving it a thumbs-up. I am definitely visiting them again in my future Japan trip!!

A back-view & side-view shot of my beautiful hair below

Total Cost: 17, 000 yen (app. SG$210)
Services: Bleach once, Hair Dye, Bangs Cut, Super Hair Treatment &
Hair wash + Styling (Included at 2, 500 yen if you didn't do any hair cut)

For more enquires, please feel free to e-mail them.

Contact: 03-6712-6993
Address: 東京都渋谷区渋谷1-22-6
Directions: An 8-minute walk from JR Shibuya Station East Exit/
A 3-minute walk from Exit 13 of subway station

Stylists at this branch: Noriyoshi Miyachi, Kousei & Manami!

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Hope this post helped you one way or another! 
Till next time ❣


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