Fashion Trend You Should Pick Up This Summer 2017

By Unknown - Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Baggy pants have been really trendy this year as you can see numerous ladies decking in them. This fashion was even more prominent among the Japanese ladies when I went to Japan for a 2 week-holiday during late May & early June. However, the baggy pants that they are picking up this Summer are that of the denim material.

Here are some pictures of models decking in these lovely pants.

The brand matches them in a slightly more feminine style with a top filled with lace, floral details and translucent material for its sleeves for a sheer effect.

The pants here are paired together in a street style manner with an off-shoulder ruffled top to give off a similar girlish vibe but yet, retaining its boyish touches with the former.

Momo's Coordinate 
Top - Earth Music & EcologyBottom - WEGOBag - E hyphen world gallery BonBon

My favourite details for this coordinate are definitely the ribbons, which are visible on both the sides of the off-shoulder top and baggy pants. The top is made of light-weight cotton material, which is suitable for the warm weather now in Singapore, while the pants help reveal some wind at the side for comfort.

However, the difference in the Japanese ladies' coordinates is how they incorporate their baggy pants with another beautiful and useful fashion clothing - floral chiffon tunic cardigan (which is typically a dress by itself as well)! The tunic cardigan serves to give some warmth while looking really pretty as the ends flow and flutter when a chilly breeze sweeps by.

Many fashion brands in Japan have also adopted this look in their Spring/Summer lookbook to show the versatility of the coordinate. Here are some examples below.

The floral tunic cardigan sure stands out and pieces the coordinate together but at the same time, not snatching too much limelight from the other clothing pieces as well.


You can definitely match the tunic cardigan with a pair of shorts for the warm weather here in Singapore to prevent your legs from going all sweaty! 



There are also commonly two types of materials being used on these tunic cardigans as observed in Japan - one, which is that of a translucent, see-through material while another is cotton or acrylic material. Personally, I chose the latter due to the chilly weather back then to keep myself warmer and the one I have picked up can also be worn as a dress itself like this. Check it out below!

Presently, there are numerous trendy clothing be it in Japan or Singapore, such as clothing with rounded ruffles,  off-shoulder tops, baggy pants and more. However, I decided to discuss about this today because I trust that it is a coordinate that most ladies would be able to pull off comfortably yet looking stylish (oshare!!) at the same time.

Momo's Coordinate 
Top & Bottom - WEGO; Outerwear - HeatherBag - E hyphen world gallery BonBon

One good point of these baggy pants is that my legs have much more space as compared to when I am decking in those skinny jeans, where they are constantly hugging onto my legs and in the long run, creating unwanted sweat from the heat.

One simple reason why certain clothing are more trendy as compared to others at times could actually be due to the fact everyone is able to try it out without feeling uncomfortable!

In every girl's closet, there is bound to be at least a pair of denim jeans but how about a pair of baggy denim one? The answer is definitely unlikely for some of us. Why not try it out for a different yet comfortable look this Summer? I am certain that anyone is able to pull it off effortlessly! 

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