Ribbon Wide Pants for this Autumn

By Unknown - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

This Autumn has been an ongoing rainy season for people here in Singapore so let's not forget to keep ourselves warm and hydrated to avoid being sick! While baggy pants have been evident as one popular Summer trend in Japan, people are still not letting this trend go as it is still going strong this Autumn. I have done a little write up previously about it here, do check it out if you haven't! 

"Velcro", "salopettes" and "ribbon wide pants" are three key fashion trends that you can keep a look-out or pick up in Japanese fashion this Autumn as they continue to appear in many Japanese fashion brands' Autumn/Winter look-books this year. Today, I will only be touching on ribbon wide pants to talk about them as I have made a purchase recently from one of my favourite Japanese street brands, WEGO, yet again.

While we all understand the perks of wide pants - Airy and comfortable for your legs, assist in elongating your body as well as being effortless to match other tops; One should not neglect the fact that this pair of pants has an extra detail this time round - high waist ribbons! Also, many Japanese brands term them as "wide pants" instead of baggy pants.

This must-have item will help you to embrace the Autumn colours fully (even if it is not coloured in Autumn shades). The key point of this wide pants is definitely the ability for anyone to wear it comfortably thanks to its large yet feminine silhouette. The pants are also great in showcasing your waistline without being body-hugging as it is high-waist and it comes together with a removable ribbon, that acts as its belt. You can feel free to style the pants with your own belt to create your personal look however you like it! 

Here are some coordinates by WEGO staff - Check out how they match these pants effortlessly! 
The links are listed here for better reference as well. link link link

These high waist ribbon wide pants are also sold by various fashion brands in Japan; in varied colours and material choices. It is really interesting to see how each brand matches the pants with their personal styles and flavours within. 
Here are some examples below.

Here is my take for these high waist ribbon wide pants! 
I love the idea of pairing red with blue due to a particular Japanese designer/model. Hence, the styling of a short sleeved glittered reddish top with the dark navy ribbon wide pants comes forth. As the days become colder with the ongoing rain, I will definitely be sporting more pants and long sleeved tops to prevent myself from catching a cold since I am very prone to them.

Outfit Rundown
High Neck Frills Top: WEGO
High Waist Ribbon Wide Pants : WEGO

I am so in love with my new wide pants and you guys will definitely be seeing lots of my photos on Instagram sporting this pair of pants with other tops! These pants have also been published in these Japanese magazines as well - CanCam October 2017, Ray in October 2017 and FINEBOYS October 2017. 

If you were me, how would you match the pair of high waist ribbon wide pants with next time? 

I am leaning towards wearing my wide pants with a romantic lace tank top or camisole together with a warm, knit outerwear - All ready to tackle the ongoing rainy days!

Let me know if this Summer outfit is a Yay! or Nah for you in the comment box below!😉

Will you be picking up the wide pants fashion this Autumn?

I hope that the information has been useful to you. If you have other unique ideas that you would like to share that can probably be a great blog post, please share your thoughts. Thank you! 

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