Liz Lisa 2013 ♔ Royal Wonderland ♔ Autumn Winter Collection

By Angie momo - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Today, I'm gonna talk about Liz Lisa, a super popular clothing brand in Japan. 

I don't think I need to introduce to you people how popular this brand actually is. It has so many outlets in Japan that you would just go crazy like I do if you were to head over there this moment! If you visit other famous fashion blogs, I'm pretty sure every single one of them would have at least a post about Liz Lisa. Which girl doesn't like Liz Lisa? It fulfills your childhood dreams of being a princess, with all the laces, ribbons and floral designs you can't find in other brands. It's just so girly~ And every girl would like to dress up and show their girly side. (๑・ω-)~♥”

If you've realized, my blog banner's actually inspired by their autumn winter theme. As the cold season arrives, colours planned on clothes are usually more towards the warmer tones. This year, Liz Lisa's focusing on colours like pink, red, brown and blue but more towards a royal and warmer side. But honestly speaking, I'm a person whom prefer the spring/summer collection (not just for Liz Lisa) because the colours are more towards pastel and lighter tones.  

Some of the items that have already caught my eyes: 
I really like this model, Risato. She's so pretty and her image totally matches their concept! 

This was from the shop snap on their official Facebook page.
The red dress is still not out on the online shop as yet (but not all items are sold online).

This romper pants gives a more feminine look, definitely suitable for attending functions/events. Risato just seems to pull off all different styles, be it cute or mature, feminine. 
How I got to know about Liz Lisa
I first found out about Liz Lisa through my first purchase of Popteen issue, February 2010. And that was when I started to love Kumicky (she was on the cover). I wasn't in the Tsubasa Masukawa era unlike other girls but I still really do respect her. I mean like she's so petite, pretty and successful, creating her own cosmetics line.


Also, despite reading all those Gyaru related magazines, I didn't go along that fashion line. I just dress comfortably in my ugly clothes back then. What was I thinking? (¬、¬) And I would say that my fashion sense only started to pick up after working at a Japanese retail store. (」゜ロ゜)」
This was back in 2011 when I tried to go for a orangey head.

Reina Triendl is also another of my favourite model (Vivi model) and she's the face of Liz Lisa as well, that added some points for her. She's so doll-like and I didn't expect her to be of my age. I was pretty sure she was way younger than me with her baby face.

I can't wait for Liz Lisa to release more Autumn/Winter clothing!!

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