By Angie momo - Monday, August 26, 2013

HELLO! Today, I'll be reviewing items I've purchased by myself from Cute Can Kill ღ as well as Sweet Dolly House ღ. How could anyone resist all the cute accessories hand-made by them with love?

Reaction when I opened up the parcel: 


Total items:
❤ Little Glitter bear ring
❤ Holy Cupid necklace (mint) 
❤ Angel cupid ring (pearly white) 
❤ Pastel heart candy 2WAY clip
FREE: Heart ring (hot pink) - I was so happy about it! \ (  ^3^)/

Beautifully illustrated postcards was given and even hand-written words of thanks from the owner, Lila☆. These days, when purchasing goods, not many owners would even bother to do such a thing. So I must say she really puts in lots of effort into the goods' packaging.


The detail of the cupid is insanely good. Too beautiful for words.

My favourite item of all.

Only shock was this hair-clip. I  didn't expect it to be quite big 'cos I don't read the measurements. Since it's a 2 way clip, there's definitely a disadvantage to one. It was kinda difficult to clip it on my hair because of its structure, meant more towards the use of a brooch.   

Some pictures of myself wearing the accessories.
Even though most people bought them to match their lolita, fairy kei, cult party kei (and so on) clothes, but nevertheless, I still love them and wish to incorporate such beautiful accessories into my daily coordinates. Fashion has no boundaries? ( > ~< )

What's more, the shipping of the items was pretty fast. My order was made on 9th July and it was shipped out on the 13th. And the next moment, the items arrived at the doorstep by the friendly postman on the 22nd of July. How can I not be happy? 

Please support Cutecankill and Lila☆ !!! 

You have to act fast though, because the moment the items are up for sale on the website, they are gone, almost as immediate as lightning.

Website: http://cutecankill.storenvy.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cutecankill
Tumblr: http://cute--can--kill.tumblr.com/


The workmanship by Valeria from DollyHouse is really on a professional level. The details of the accessories are so evidential that I didn't bear to start wearing them out. And that's one of the main reasons why I would spend money to get myself hand-made items because they're really well made and made with love.

My teddy being placed in a cute little heart-shaped case

It's too pretty for words /(* o */)≡(\* o *)\
Only dissatisfaction was the long waiting time. But I shouldn't complain since it was already stated there that it requires longer time for the items to be send overseas. For immediate overseas buyers, I wouldn't suggest this unless you wouldn't mind paying more for the shipping. I placed my order on 21st July and the items were shipped out on 5th August. I finally received them on the 20th of August. But the wait was indeed worthwhile even as I look at the items right now. 

Furthermore, Valeria only makes one or two pieces. Therefore, I consider the accessories to be one of its kind. SOLD OUT means NO MORE. But she does customization as well. 

Please support SweetDollyHouse and Valeria !!! 

Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetDollyHouse

Gif credits: http://superkawaiiemoticon.tumblr.com

Thank you for reading!

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