Review: Eyemazing x Amoyamo Lashes No.811 Strawberry Tea (full)

By Angie momo - Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hello everyone! How was your weekends? image
Yesterday, my boyfriend (Aaron) & I managed to check out a new cafe we've never visited before. I must say, their waffle with maple syrup & fruits are the best in Singapore! It's called "Strangers' Reunion". 

Here's some pictures taken by Aaron at Strangers' to stir up your appetite before I continue on to this post!

A cup of MAGIC for you? Or just some Latte?

So after indulging in some sweet treats, accompanied by a smooth cup of MAGIC & Latte, today's mission is to attempt an eyelash review!

Eyemazing x Amoyamo Lashes No.811 Strawberry Tea (full) ↓
Doesn't AMO just look so sweet and doll-like? Strawberry tea has longer lashes towards the end, making your eyes look more droopy and innocent, like a doll.
This pair of eyelashes has already been used for the third time and that explains the lashes' shape being irregular. Even though it was a pair of brown eyelashes, I attempted with black liquid eyeliner and mascara since I don't have them in brown. In my personal opinion, I think it still works out fine. Perhaps, I should also try it out with brown liquid eyeliner & mascara to have a comparison. 
In addition, I actually cut the eyelash shorter so that it would match better with my eyes. The original length is too long for my small eyes. ↓↓

An attempt for the gothic doll look. Which look do you prefer? image 

Price: ★★★☆☆
It is priced at S$23.90 for 5 pairs of eyelashes which I find it somewhat reasonable since the eyelashes are designed by AMO (Okay, I'm just being biased).

Comfort: ★★★★☆
The lashes are soft and of high quality. I feel as though I'm not wearing any falsies at all. Thumbs up!

Durability: ★★☆☆☆
It is not exactly durable since the the lashes already start to turn irregular after three tries (as you can see from the pictures). Also, if you're not careful enough, the lashes will tend to come off easily as well. 

Will I buy it again?
Probably not. I already have droopy eyes to begin with, thus getting such eyelashes might make my eyes look even more droopier. There's times where my mom also asked me why do I look so sleepy but I'm pretty sure that I was really awake. It's probably because of these lashes. 

However, I'll recommend it to people who would like to create a doll-look.

On a side note, would you guys mind doing me a favour by voting for me? You can do so by clicking view by top entries at the right top corner, my picture will appear on the second page! 
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The contest is open only to people residing in Singapore. So I guess it applies to people who are voting too?

I would appreciate all your help and I sincerely thank everyone who has helped me from the bottom of my heart. 

Have a brilliant Monday ahead! Thank you for reading~

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  1. i love the lashes

  2. hi just came across your blog when i was searching for lashes reviews! love the layout so keep up blogging! (:

    i saw strawberry tea at watsons yesterday and was soooo tempted to buy cause of the cute colour and amo >.< but i owned natural brown 103 before and i feel that the lashes don feel as soft and comfy as dollywinks ):

    1. Thanks for your support! Personally, I'm a fan of eyemazing lashes (fan of amo hahaha) and they seem more worth than dollywink's 2 pairs only :(( but everyone has different opinions so I guess once in a while, you can just try eyemazing lashes if you wanna go for a more amo-ish look and stick to your dollywink lashes for daily use :D