Artist Feature: Pequita

By Angie momo - Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello! Today's post is a feature of an illustrator by the pen-name of Pequita. She is from Mexico, yes from the other side of the world. This is my very first time, having a collaboration with someone, furthermore an artist, which makes the whole thing even more exciting. 

How did it all happen:

I first received an e-mail from her, telling me how she wanted to create a piece of artwork with her self-created style, FASHION meets CUTE, and she would make an illustration of me with that style. How could I refuse such an invitation? First and foremost, it is an honour to me. Secondly, I'm really grateful for the fact that she is willing to fork out her precious time to illustrate for me; Not many people would do that with their busy work schedules.

She grabbed a few pictures from my blog and was real patient with me when I suggested to her more. Pequita's style is more towards surrealism portrait but there's times where she illustrates in photoshop as well. I don't think I can achieve that kind of illustrating standard despite studying some art techniques back in school,  since I have the tendency to draw cutesy cutesy characters which lecturers dislike the most. 

Here's her take of me with FASHION meets CUTE

Without further ado, I'll show you more of her artworks.

Do check out her artwork page where she features her latest artworks: Pequita

Thank you for reading!

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