Review: Bistro du Vin at Shaw Centre, Singapore

By Angie momo - Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello everyone! It's our second time here at Bistro Du Vin and the reason why we are back here again is because we've really enjoyed our previous experience. The food was delicious and the waiters/waitresses were also really polite and friendly, treating us as valued customers. 
Let the feast begin!

Some bread along with butter to keep us occupied as the chefs worked hard on our dishes.

Baked Camembert with apples, smoked bacon
 on toasted sourdough bread

This was my first time trying out the sourdough bread along with camembert. I would say that the taste is really special and surprisingly, both ingredients blended together perfectly but on a side note, I would say that the cheese was kinda strong for my own preference. Furthermore, if I were to add the bacon on top of that, the whole turnout would be too salty for my liking.

Homemade rabbit with nuts, raisins & spices
terrine, salad with hazelnut oil

This was Aaron's first time trying out the rabbit terrine so he did not know what to expect, but the meatloaf of rabbit tasted much like how people would describe it, like chicken but with a firmer texture. It also tasted gamey and matched well with the raisins which gave it a fruity hint. The salad it came with was dressed simply in hazelnut oil. However for this dish, Aaron found the terrine a little dry mid-way through it.

M A I N 
Bouillabaise of fish, clams, mussels & prawns

Myself with my main course

This was my first time trying out the Bouillabaise as my main course. All the ingredients used were of top grade (really fresh) and the texture of the soup was thick, and filled with the fish as well as seafood's flavour. I was surprisingly already almost full when I approached the last few mouths of this dish and I would definitely recommend you to try this out.

Duck leg confit with stewed haricot beans & lamb sausage

And Aaron with his

Just like his entrée, Aaron had the duck leg confit for the first time too and he chose it since it was one of the basic dishes of French cuisine. The leg came with beans and lamb sausages and in his opinion felt quite little for his voracious appetite that day, however the duck’s skin was crispy and with a soft layer of fat that simply melted in his mouth (he swears on this). The meat seemed to have been marinated or perhaps it just had so much flavour in it. There's nothing much to say about this dish other than it being tasty, simple and surprisingly filling!

A D D - O N  
Truffled fries $6

Sautéed mushroom $4 (MUST HAVE)

D E S S E R T 
Crème Brûlée

The whole dessert was baked so beautifully that I could not bear to start eating it. The caramelized sugar top was absolutely crispy with creamy custardy goodness.

Caramelized apple & raisin Crumbles,
roasted apple ice cream & whipped cream

Dessert was a good old apple crumble a la bistro du vin served in a glass. The flavours of the whipped cream, caramelized apple slices and the roasted ‘apple ice cream’ tasted awesome and old-fashioned in a good way although there could have been more crumble.

All prices are subject to prevailing government taxes & 10% service charge*

I would definitely recommend you to make a reservation before hand since it would be best to have your seats secured rather than waiting for the other customers to finish their meal, since most of the time, it's almost full-house during the weekends. Bistro du vin has no frills french food with a really cozy environment, decorated with vintage items. I definitely and strongly recommend this place for couples who enjoy or wish to try out French food.

Bistro du vin 
1 Scotts Road
#02-12 Shaw Centre 
Tel: +65 6733 7763 
Price: $30++ (per pax)
Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10pm

Last but not least, here was my outfit of that day, something girly to go along with the Paris mood and not to forget mentioning, all these pictures are taken with Aaron's HTC phone.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Such a cute outfit! You look adorable ^^
    The truffled fries and the Sautéed mushroom looks so yummy o:

    I wish I could find such a nice place in my city, seems to me that is a very comfy place as well.

    P.S: new reader n.n

    1. Hi there! :D Yes! They are really yummy and indeed, the place's really comfy for a relaxing weekend with friends/family! It's always full house~ Why not explore around more, you might just find some hidden cool cafes somewhere you least expected!