Brunch at Lola's cafe

By Angie momo - Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hello everyone!  
Recently, my boyfriend and I have been visiting various cafes and I always spend some time to pen down my thoughts to share with all of you. This time, we had our brunch over the weekend at the North-east part of Singapore - Lola's Cafe!

We reached Lola's at a late brunch timing and had to wait for approximately more than forty minutes for a seat. The cafe was full house and there was already a long queue of people in line before us. The queuing system at Lola's was quite unorganized and the rainy weather that day did not make it any better, be sure to head down earlier at around 10am to avoid the queues. But I guess good food makes people happier and the food did cheer us up instantly!

Hot chocolate for Aaron! - It's kinda powdery and not one of the smoothest he has drunk~

Caffe latte for me as usual ♥

My Breakfast butter croissant (S$13)

Trust me, this is the real deal! Croissant may be difficult to eat without creating a mess on the table but still, you just have to try this! It may seem like a typical club sandwich wrapped with egg, ham and bacon but the real deal lies in the croissant - it's honey glazed at the bottom. Not to forget that the honey glazed ham and bacon are really soft in texture. I'm in heaven

 Aaron's Avocado egg benedict (S$15)!

I took some bites from Aaron's dish and to my surprise, the Egg Benedict was not to my liking. I can't find out the reason why or perhaps I was just too occupied with my croissant.

I was actually really full after the "mains" but Aaron was so excited and he ordered two more desserts which he gobbled down mostly by himself.

Seasalt chocolate tart with coffee cream (S$5)

For those who love chocolate but have a fear that it might cause discomfort in your throat, you gotta try this! The chocolate is not only light in texture but the coffee cream and sea salt on top just compliment the overall taste as well.

Banana Earl Grey Tart (S$5)

This is a really unique tart where I've never tasted before in my life. The earl grey within gives a really moist feeling as well as its light fragrance as though you are literally drinking earl grey tea. 

Outfit of the day✞ 

High collar heart stamped top ✞ Dip Drops
Past season Car tee ✞ Dip Drops
Past season floral culotte ✞ Rosebullet
Unicorn Tote Bag ✞ Blanc Blanche 

I was kinda sick the previous two days so pardon my dressing.

I wouldn't mind travelling all the way to Kovan just for brunch and I definitely recommend you to head down to Lola's earlier to avoid the queuing. Do share with me your experience at Lola's Cafe!

Brunch: Available from 10am - 3pm
Dinner: Available from 6pm - 10pm

Lola's Cafe
5 Simon Rd, Singapore 545893

Opening hours
Tue to Thu: 10am - 11.30pm
Fri & Sat: 10am - 12am
Sun: 10am - 11.30pm
Closed on Mondays.

Phone: 6284 0349


Thank you for reading!

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