Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée Matte Rouge

By Angie momo - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hello everyone!  
As promised in my instagram, I have been working hard on this post to share with all of you. Many of us (especially macarons lovers) will be familiar with this brand, Ladurée. Yes, today I will be sharing one of the lip product series, Matte Rouge from the Les Merveilleuses Ladurée collection.

Just a simple description of Ladurée for people who has yet never heard of this name: Ladurée is a French luxury bakery and sweets maker house created back in the year of 1862. Till today, it is still one of the top premier sellers and best known makers of the popular macarons everyone loves in the world.

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée collection was then produced in 2012 where they released a collection of makeup inspired by the colors of their macarons. How sweet! Merveilleuses (French), in short, “marvelous,” eccentric and elegant woman. The collection proposes infinite means of expressing one's beauty and elegance across time to Les Merveilleuses of the contemporary age.

What's Ladurée cosmetics without Ladurée macarons?
I just have to get the macarons in some of my shots with my matte rouge since they are the ones being produced way before the cosmetics line.

Matte Rouge
Exquisitely textured rouge that lets you express your femininity. Available in tastefully refined velvety shades, it hydrates the lips for a comfortable feel. As per described on their main site - I certainly agree with their captions.

Matte Rouge comes in seven different shades, so I am certain that there is bound to be one towards your liking. I managed to find the colour I have always wanted to try out - Matte Rouge 06 Rouge Mat 06. This lipstck's colour is more towards to that of a hot pink shade but it may seem to appear lighter on your lips. I would definitely recommend you this colour for a spring look because you surely need something pink on you during this pastel season.

This is how it looks on my lips~ Isn't it really sweet looking?
I am so in love with it that I still keep it inside the packaging whenever I bring out to reapply again.

If  you are wondering where exactly did I get this lip rouge (with the cutest packaging in the world), the answer is it's not in Singapore. I found it coincidentally during my Taipei trip one week back in one of the departmental stores there. To be more exact, it is the SOGO Pacific branch and it is the only place that brings in the Ladurée cosmetics collection in Taipei, Taiwan. So be sure to drop by this place should you visit Taipei and grab all these cute Ladurée cosmetics home!

Price: ✟ ✟   
It is priced at 1200 TWD, approximately SG$50.60 with my conversion rate at the bank. To me, this is definitely considered towards a high end cosmetic brand. They are made in Paris, so that could explain its steep price tag.

Comfort: ✟ ✟ ✟  
Ladurée's matte rouge is somewhat in between that of lip stick and lip balm. It gives you this matte-looking lips without the dry feeling after application. 

Lasting effect: ✟ ✟ ✟  
It does not really last that long, maybe for around a few hours. You definitely have to reapply after your meals.

Packaging: ✟ ✟ ✟ ✟ 
One reason I know why people will generally buy this product again is definitely due to its beautiful packaging because the first thing that caught my eyes when I got in contact with this brand a few years back was its attractive packaging and how unique everything is being designed with much effort.

Will I buy it again?
Yes, I would. To me, Ladurée's cosmetics are limited items to me since I can't find them here in Singapore. So should I ever visit Taipei, Japan or even Paris, I would definitely save up beforehand and grab all of them off the shelves. The packaging is too much to handle, how can I not? I really love their Petal Blush as well!! 

Main Site

On a side note, Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée's 2014 Summer Collection (cosmetics line) is driving me crazy. It's too beautiful!! They are created for women who enjoy being women and enjoys being enchanted by something intrinsically. This collection is definitely suitable for women who are constantly finding different and new forms of beautty to improve themselves. How magical!

The item that has caught my instant attention has to be this (picture below)! It's for both face and eye colour and comes in an extremely cute shell motif with five refreshing shades. I think this product would be great for brightening up your nose line or other parts of your face after the usual contouring procedure as well as a shimmery effect for your eyes to look bigger. I would love to get this limited edition item but I am pretty sure that they will be all sold out almost immediately because the design is just so pleasing to the eyes.

I was just wondering if you readers have any feedbacks for me, for instance, things you would love me to cover on, for example, cosmetics, fashion, lesser food  and so on. Do drop in your opinions on the comment box and I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible! Your opinion definitely means a lot to me because I wish to constantly improve myself and my blog to be even better for everyone to stay on. Cheers~ 

Thank you for reading!

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  1. i adore Laduree products!!

    The lipstick looks moisturising! the colour suits you perfectly! So sweet!

  2. Do they sell the mini pot rose petals cheek blusher?