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By Unknown - Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hello everyone!  
I have recently returned back from Taipei and here I am, sharing with you one of the must-visit pâtisseries in Taipei, Taiwan - La Douceur Pâtisserie! Just so you do not know, I'm a fan of macarons and sweets!

I've always wanted to take a short afternoon retreat and experience how it feels like to have high tea in another country and with this pâtisserie being frequently on the search online, I know for sure that this is a place not to be missed during this Taipei trip. At the same time, Ladyironchef has always been a blog where I always browse around for places to dine in because of his generally unprejudiced opinions and that was another reason why I've arrived to my decision to visit La Douceur.

We did not make any reservation and thus, we were assigned to the seat near the entrance which was perfectly fine because it was the best spot to continue my admiration of the displayed sweets. The overall ambience and decoration seems to transport me directly to Paris even though I have yet to visit this beautiful country.

La Douceur Pâtisserie is a exquisite little store located amidst the grey buildings along Yong Kang street in Taipei and their  sweets selection available are splendid, ranging from macarons, Mont Blanc to other sweet-looking desserts. I like the fact that the owner decides to go with white as its main colour choice of the store as it gives off this airy and sweet feeling for customers dining in.

Both Aaron and I wanted something light to balance our taste buds after each bite so we went on with the staff's recommendation of this special warmly brewed tea, Russian Star. I must say that the taste is really special and somewhat similar to that of earl grey's. It somehow gives me the maiden feeling as I swallowed it down; definitely a whole new experience. Price of drinks ranges from NT$110 to 240 and other than serving tea, they do have coffee, juices and hot chocolate as well.

We ordered quite a few desserts despite having quite a heavy meal an hour before. Taipei is all about eating, isn't it? Our table of sweets~ Such a heavenly feeling!

Mont Blanc ✞  蒙布朗
You can taste the delicious sweet taste of chestnut within the swirly cream of chestnut puree and the French style egg white biscuit underneath was really crispy in texture as well. This was Aaron's favourite dessert since he's a big fan of Mont Blanc.

Strawberry Brisbane ✞  草莓布里斯
This was my favourite!! I mean take a look at the amount of fresh strawberries they threw inside. It was kinda difficult to slice it up into smaller parts due to the caramelized sugar on top but you definitely have to eat everything at the same time. The fluffy and light cream goes absolutely well with the pastry at the bottom and if you were to add in the strawberries, it's beyond heavenly! Not to forget the tiny little pistachio bits hiding on top! This is a seasonal dessert so I guess I was really lucky, being able to taste it for myself!

Nino Strawberry NINO 莓莓
To put this dessert into simple words, it's like an opened up version of millefeuille, filled with fresh seasonal strawberries. It makes you unable to stop taking the next bite because the sweetness and fluffiness within is just at the right level. It was mentioned online to be a magical dessert where everyone craves for constantly!

We ordered the macarons in lavender (left) and toffee nut flavour and to my surprise, I found them to be quite ordinary in terms of their crust texture. Perhaps I have a liking towards macarons with a light and soft crust texture, such that when I bite the whole thing, it would literally melt inside my mouth. However, La Douceur's does not create this effect, the macarons here are more towards the crunchy side. But the cream within gives off a fragrant scent, so the overall feeling was neither too good nor too bad.

And the rest are just pictures of us posing with the beautiful sweets,
Before leaving, we make sure not to give the decoration a miss.
A fridge within a tree trunk 

This petite girl seated down with a shy front 

Outfit of the day 

Girly syndrome top ✞ Ehyphen World Gallery Bonbon
Red overalls ✞ Bangkok
Stocking & Tote Bag ✞ Blanc Blanche 

Since we'll be hopping around different parts of Taipei that day, I went for something light! How was the take? 

La Douceur Pâtisserie
No. 223, Jinhua St, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 116

Opening hours
Sun to Mon: 1pm - 9pm
Fri, Sat & Public holidays: 1pm - 10pm

Phone: +886 2 3322 2833


Thank you for reading!

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  1. hahaha so cute your bf and his awkward smiles in the photo! hehe

    We need more kawaii cafes in Singapore! <3
    Let's go cafe hopping one day! hehe

    1. Yeah he doesn't really like to take pictures alone~
      True that, we need more such themed cafes here! Sure :3