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By Unknown - Sunday, October 19, 2014

 Welcome to my garden



Name: Angie Momo
Age: 22 
Occupation: Student 

Q: What type of fashion do you like most? Describe why? 
A: I really love and have always wanted to try cult party kei because it mixes these three elements which I adore – vintage, pop and cute!♡ 

Q: What kind of person do you consider yourself to be? 
A: I consider myself to be quite an otaku, always trying to catch with latest animes, especially ACTION or shoujo romance kind. 

Q: What is your favorite fashion brand? 
A: My favourite has to be Ehyphen World Gallery BonBon, a brand filled with lots of sweet pastel colours!! Q: Tell us your favorite phrase! A: Don’t really have one @-@ 

Q: What does cute means to you? 
A: Dressing up myself in pastel colours and colourful CLOTHING is cute! 
(~ ^3^)~

 Pastel colors are often described as soft, desaturated, smooth. They do not have harsh colors and have low contrast. These are the favorite colors for Angie. A quiet but yet intellect girl, Angie Momo is often known for her fashion sense. We had an awesome shoot over at Bishan park while fighting with the intense sunlight but am glad that the photo turned out well! 

Photographer : Boon Eng 
Model : Angie Momo 
Assistant : Aaron

I personally requested Boon Eng about doing a photo-shoot together months back and I was quite indecisive about what clothes & concept to go with. After much discussion with him, we finally settled with this concept. It's kinda like Alice wandering around a secret garden.

You can always contact Boon Eng or Kyuudotsg for a photo-shoot at! He's a really friendly guy and always open to new ideas. He's constantly doing photo-shoot for people and most active in the Facebook page under  KyudotSG.

Halloween's coming! Till next time~

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