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By Angie momo - Friday, December 19, 2014

Hello everyone!
Today, I'm back after two months hiatus with a sponsored review for KawaiiGoods. Some of you might have heard of this brand before, some of you might have not. I am really thrilled to be offered the opportunity of modeling for Kawaiigoods & definitely even more excited when I received the dress a few weeks back. ☆(ゝω・)v

This post was dragged till today because I was busy preparing for my exams. To be sponsored clothing by brands must be a dream come true for some of us here, what's more, it's one with super cute prints on it! Who wouldn't be as over the rainbow as I am?

Dress ✞ KawaiiGoods
Mint outer top ✞ Denizen
White top ✞ Cotton-on
Socks ✞ WEGO

As worn ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡~)

I actually had a difficult time thinking over how to go about coordinating the dress together and before I know it, everything's pieced together perfectly. Coincidentally, Aaron was going to send his friend off at the airport that day so we thought why not grab the chance to take some decent pictures for the dress as well. Plus right now, it's the Christmas season and almost every corners are filled with beautiful decorations, so why not? And there we went! (=^・ω・^=) 

P.S. Pictures' quality may vary because we were using two different devices.

Disney Christmas decorations! Let's strike a pose with Daisy Duck!

Singapore's an all-summer country so I was glad that this dress works great here! It would definitely work well with a petticoat underneath for a flare, fluffy effect! 

I'm really loving how the camera is able to capture the vibrant colours of the dress in all the photos! Have I forgotten to mention that, it's really comfy for me and that I just can't stop touching the dress' smooth fabric material~ ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪

If you were wondering where all these beautiful decorations are located at,
it's Terminal 3!

Who is KawaiiGoods?
KawaiiGoods is a cute webshop that specialises in cute accessories & apparel, managed by Claud Mochi. The prints of her apparels are all designed by herself personally. Being a design student, I understand the effort required to design something new so I really appreciate her hardwork in producing all the adorable prints! And I hope that you all would as well by supporting her!

Do take note of the fact that KawaiiGoods' apparels are all made to order! If you preorder, please be patient & understand that the orders will be consolidated each week before they are sent for printing. The printing company will do sublimation printing to print her products in store before she sends your orders to you! This whole process will generally take about 3-4 weeks. Read more here!

My dress as featured on the storenvy site: I'm wearing an S size! HERE

A clearer look at the original print design by Kawaii Goods!

Here are some other works of Kawaii Goods that I really adore (≧∇≦)

From top left (in clockwise direction): LINK LINK LINK LINK

Kawaii Goods is currently having a promotion as well till 31st Dec 2014. You just have to use the code "KGXMAS" to get 26% off on all items!! Here are some links below for you to access to know more about the store, its offer & definitely some kawaii apparels & accessories to bring back home!
Website ☽ Storenvy ☽ Facebook  Instagram

2014 has been a great year for me being able to offered many opportunities! I'll work even harder & improve myself constantly!! I hope that my review today has been helpful. Do feel free to drop me an e-mail at angie_momo@live.com.sg if you're interested to collaborate with me for a sponsored review just like KawaiiGoods & The Better Sweater! (=^・^=)

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