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By Angie momo - Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hello everyone! 
I have been working late shifts for the past few days so I could only manage to upload my pictures onto my instagram/facebook page as I believe that a blog post requires a more detailed writeup. Presently, I aim to present my new coordinates from time to time along with a blog entry. 

Also, the reason behind myself being more active on social media these days is because I feel much more motivated to doll myself up for work since I usually go to school in bare face and simple clothes.

Even though this coordinate was from Monday, I thought that it would still be a good writeup if anyone was interested to find out more.


My coordinate for work on Monday

Top ✞ Blanc Blanche
Dress ✞ Rosebullet SG

I have always loved light blue gingham prints because they give off this gentle, summer feeling. The weather is pretty warm these days here in Singapore so I went for something lighter. Also, I hope that I can spread the love of Japanese fashion or Kawaii fashion to the rest of Singapore and even the world for people to love and learn about it.

In order to spare myself from boredom at work, I went to Kinokuniya to purchase Popteen's June issue since Larme was not out yet. I was quite surprised to find myself being unappealed to this magazine as compared to years ago. People's tastes and styles have changed; I have to admit mine as well and Popteen seems too young for my current age already. (゚ノД`゚)゚。

On a side note, have you checked out my Facebook page here? If not, please check it out as I will be uploading more pictures as compared to here. 
Sorry for the lengthy post!

Till then! 

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