I'm back!!

By Angie momo - Monday, May 18, 2015

Hello everyone! 
I'm back after a short hiatus and I'm welcoming my three months worth of holiday right now~ I will be back to working my usual part-time job and definitely writing more posts!

I also headed out right after the exams on Friday to finally catch Fast & Furious 7 like finally with Aaron together!

I have also recently created (actually yesterday) a Facebook page here so that I can place more pictures there for readers to view and for it to be more interlinked with my blog here. I've created a button at the left panel of the blog for you to like it as well. (///~\\\) 

For now, I'll be filling up the page with some of my previous photo shoots pictures, current fashion coordinates, miscellaneous interesting find-outs, etc. I will be working hard on my next blog post as well. 

I'm always welcome to new sponsors. If there's any product, do feel free to contact me through angie_momo@live.com.sg and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible! There's some tabs on the top for you to access to my other reviews, sponsored reviews and more. Do check them out!

Till then! 

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