Coordinate: Disney's Wendy Darling inspired

By Angie momo - Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hello everyone! 
Today's post is on my coordinate and hair-make for work on Tuesday. When the music video of 4to6 first came out, I fell in love with Pile's hair-make (girl on the left) and wanted to give it an attempt but I never did till now. 

The hair-make only requires you to tie or clip together the top part of your hair. That's it! It's so simple. It is just that you have to do it in a way to make the hair bow more visible because that is the cute point of this hair-make! Check out the back view of her hair-make below! 
(This is the best that I can screenshot) |ω-o)゚

If you are interested in their music video, you can go here! It is called Watashi no Tokei wa Gyaku Kaiten! by 4to6 (Pile & Riho Idia, both voice actresses from popular anime series, Love Live!) And here is my take with hints of blue! (/// ω\\\)

The overall coordinate was also inspired by Disney's Wendy Darling with a modern twist with her light blue shades incorporated within and casting her ponytail away to give a more grown up feeling.

Top ✞ Taobao
Dress ✞ Taipei Wu Pen Pu

Hope you have a magical time~
Till then! 

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