10th Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

By Angie momo - Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hello everyone!! ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
Time really flies so fast~ Another important milestone has been achieved on 10th October, last Saturday where the 10th Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore & 1010 Party ended successfully! The 1st Harajuku Fashion Walk started back in 24th May 2014 and looking back, it has already been close to 1.5 years already~ Everyone's fashion sense and style just keeps getting better and I always look forward to everyone's coordinates each time I attend the walk! I'm glad that I managed to make it for the walk because I was down with a terrible flu along with my usual sinus.

So thankful to CHR Studios for always taking really cute pictures of me!
ε=== ʕ´っ≧ω≦

I have been sewing some dresses and skirts for myself (link) and decided to do so for this walk as well! Who doesn't want their clothes to have more individuality? Even though much more effort has been placed on the dress, the highlight of this coordinate is actually the outer filled with lots of frills and ruffles, because it makes a difference with it or not. 

Here's a picture of my handmade dress with clearer details 

Outerwear - Bobon21
Dress - Handmade
Accessories - Cutecankill

HFWSG Official photo

 1010 PARTY

This time round, more exciting activities were organised! For example, the Photobooth Area where everyone can pose around with the props, then follow some simple steps and win prizes!! As simple as that!

Credits to the HFWSG Committee!

All the super cute props were drawn by Ume

 From Tony's video & edited!

In between, there were some waiting time before the announcement of another game's results~ It would be great if there's some performance or something else to keep the audience entertained during this long interval! 

 ˚‧º·ʕ˚ >ᴥ< ʔ‧º·˚ ゜

And I'm so lucky to be one of the winners for the game! The rules was just to guess the amount of items in the bottle!! Lucky me!

And my prize is this super cute pink floral happi

Do check out the Facebook page here for more photos & updates! ʕ ❤ᴥ❤ʔ

I will be updating my blog again in a few days' time for something exciting~
Till then! 

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