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By Angie momo - Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hello everyone! 
If you have checked out my instagram lately, I have announced that October is an exciting month for me a few weeks back! Don't worry, my dear readers! Yes, ALL of you are part of this exciting month as well!!

It's sad for me to say this but it only includes if you're from any of this countries (Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand)! I hope that all of you will still stay on with me till the end of this entry to find out what's in store just for you!


One of the happiest thing in my life is to get a sponsor! And what's more when this sponsor is actually one of your top favourite brands in town! I'm pretty sure you will go nuts like how I did! JRunway was kind enough to offer me this great opportunity to collaborate with them and I can't thank them enough! Being invited to be an ambassador feels more than a dream come true for me as I've loved Japanese fashion since young.


I was more influenced by the Japanese anime back then. However, as I grew up, I knew that I was not getting any younger. Then I told myself I've got to do this and that was how I started to dress myself up in Japanese styles more often. I also experiment with other fashion styles from time to time as well because fashion has no boundaries, right? Even though my interests and influence lie more deeply within the Harajuku subculture, it does not change the fact that my overall love and drive for fashion comes directly from Japan!


What is JRunway?
JRunway is a Japanese multi-brand boutique that houses several brands such as my favourite WEGO, Emoda and more recently, ANAP, Titty&co. and more! It brings in the latest fashion trends and items from Japan without you having to travel there!

There is not much Japanese fashion stores in Singapore to begin with so when JRunway announced their official opening back in 2012, I literally could not contain my excitement!! Other than their big boutique that is located at Plaza Singapura #01-54, they have also kickstarted their online store last year! And definitely forgetting WEGOxJRunway that is located Orchard Cineleisure #03-05!

Sadly, JRunway ships to Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand only! Hands-up if you live in any of these countries! Lucky you! What's more  If you sign up for JRunway's newsletter, it's a $10 off!

JRunway has opened up so many doors for me and it has also indirectly placed me at where I am right now. I still recall when I signed up for their J-Star contest (where they were looking for brand ambassadors) where I made it through the first round of elimination. From there, I started to know more people and I can't be more thankful!


Here are two ANAP coordinates that I have come up with the "sweet & kawaii' theme in mind!

Firstly, I paired ANAP's lace top with their super cute Margaret flower print flare skirt to give a refreshing summer look~ Not to forget, this pair of heart-shaped frame sunglasses from WEGO makes the whole look even cuter! 



Next, ANAP's lace top can also go well with the blue sleeveless fit and flare dress to create a school girl look. All you need is a pair of cute loafers and you're ready to go! 




Jrunway is currently running these promotions with limited stocks available, all subjected to terms & conditions*!!

☆ WEGOxJRunway Promo @ Orchard Cineleisure #03-05. ☆ 
FREE YUMMY Sausage, Ham and Cheese post-it notes for you if you FLASH this with any purchase made in #WEGOxJRunway Orchard Cineleisure #03-05 to get 1 set of post-it notes!
*Limited to one redemption per receipt.

☆ Jrunway Online Store Promotion ☆ 
FREE YUMMY Sausage, Ham and Cheese post-it notes when you spent $80 and above at WWW.JRUNWAY.COM!! 
*Applicable to items shipped from Singapore only.

 Special Promotion for all bottoms at 20% OFF at JRunway (Plaza Singapura #01-54) and WEGOxJRunway (Orchard Cineleisure #03-05)!!
Valid till 18th Nov♡

Plaza Singapura #01-54
 Opened from Mon to Sun: 11am - 9:30pm

WEGO x JRunway Pop-up store
Cineleisure Orchard #03-05
 Opened from Mon to Sun: 12noon- 10pm

Facebook ❤  Instagram  SHOP Online! 

Enjoy FREE DELIVERY for orders above $50 for www.JRunway.com
NOTE: JRunway ships to Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand ONLY!

ε=== ʕ´っ≧ω≦`ʔっ 
And for my readers & followers!! Thank you all so much! ❤ ❤ Without all of you, I wouldn't be where I am right now! 

While checking out your cart online, just remember to key in Code "Angiemomo20" to enjoy 20% off your transaction!
This promotion is valid until 17th Nov 2015!!

Hop on to Jrunway to start your shopping right now!❤ 


Photography by Geno
Editing by Momo
Clothes from JRunway
Special thanks to Aaron

Till then! 

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