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By Unknown - Thursday, July 25, 2013

The very first official cosplay event I attended in costume was "EOY", in other words End of Year. It was held in Singapore Expo Convention Hall on 13th Dec. Back then, the population of the cosplay community was already considered quite large but it became even more popular in the present. The theme was "Retro", thus, people dressed in costumes of the older anime/manga/game were given a free gift if my memory didn't fail me. (=^-ω-^=)

The reason why I decided to join "Cosplay", was because back in the same year 2008, the month of June, I went to one of the biggest cosplay event, "Cosfest" where everyone was dressed up in cool costumes, armed with insanely detailed weapons. The first impression was "WOW, so cool! I wanna be like that too!" My friends who went with me were pretty much the same. Everyone was just so thrilled by the idea to dress up as your favourite anime character since all of us were fans of anime/manga/games. (^3^)ノ 

And yes, I grabbed the chance to find a part-time job after my major examinations (O'levels) back when I was 16. The main aim was definitely to save up to get my very first costume. And there, that period of time, 'Shugo Chara!' was really popular among the girls. And I went on with doing the main heroine, Amu Hinamori because I find myself very similar with her (The part of not being true to myself). But I would say that it's quite a wrong choice for a amateur like me; what's more my skin tone was pretty dark, putting on a pink wig would make myself look even darker. I seriously don't know what went through my mind that time but one thing for sure was that I just wanted to cosplay her so badly. (´∩`。) 

At the age of 16, unlike some girls, my knowledge for makeup was still very vague. And that explains the result below. I salute my bravery. 
I thought this shot was my best back in 2008. OMG *faints* Look at that chubby face!! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ 

Then, I went on to have a mini-shoot with my BFF & so on for 2009. 
Because when something interests you, you'll just keep going, isn't it? 

J A N U A R Y ♡  2 0 0 9
This was by my friend.

Photo by Zerartul 
This was by a photographer I knew through friends. 

I'm not posting too many of the old pictures because I don't wish to burn your eyes. But in some point of time, somehow I only like to go for private shoots and attend major cosplay events like the one in July and the one at the end of the year; that was before AFA popped out. I try my best to stay low-key because I just wish to do this as a hobby. Actually. I'm just kinda shy around new people. But posting pictures in public pages like DeviantArt allows me to befriend more people and appreciate other great cosplayers' work. They treat cosplay as a respect for art and it's really impressive. |・ω・`) 

JULY- AUGUST Private Shoots ♡ 
 Photo by Windy

Photo by ERIOL

Photos by Zerartul
P.S. I shipped Amu and Tadase all along though. 

O C T O B E R ♡ 
My friend and I did a shoot based on S.A. Special A's episode 19 where Megumi and Yahiro were having a "date". Guess what? We even took picture together with a friendly Korean couple whom were shooting their wedding pictures. Furthermore, I also tried cross-dressing which was quite uncomfortable since girls have to bind their chest. It was hell since we shot till 2am. 

All Photos by Zerartul

Character: Akira Shiraishi
Series: Blaue Rosen 
All Photos by Zerartul

I shall do less speaking and let the pictures guide you through.

2 0 1 0 ♡
Photo by Zee

Character: Maora (She's a guy!) 
Series: Shinshi Doumei Cross || SOYJanuary

Character: Akane Mishima (Kampfer ver.)
Series: Shinshi Doumei Cross || Streetfest June

I had to crop the pic (above) 'cos I know that my partner wouldn't be comfortable with her face here. 

Character: Usagi Momochi
Series: Tail moon || June Shoot
Photo by Geno (http://heavens-leaf.deviantart.com/)

Character: Takiko Okuda 
Series: Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden (My love!!)
Photo by Xeno (http://xeno-photography.deviantart.com/)
Event: Cosfest July

Character: Yui Hirasawa
Series: K-ON!
Photo by Tina || EOY December
P.S. I also joined the event as a performer/singer. 

2 0 1 1 ♡
Photo by sgcafe.com

Character: Koumei Shokatsu
Series: Koihime Musou
Photo by Brian Lim (http://www.facebook.com/BrianLimPhotography?ref=br_tf)
This was the event where I got to know Brian who had been helping with my shoots since then. Grateful* (*/ω\*)

Character: Nagisa Furukawa

 Photos by Brian Lim

Photos by James

Character: Yui
Series: Angel Beats!
Photo by Zelmer
Luckily, I test run the makeup and costume of the character one week before debuting it during the event. This was also where I found my love for LiSA since she was the singing voice of Yui~

Photo by Geno

Character: Yui Hirasawa (Listen!! ver.)
Series: K-ON!
Photo by ZelmerPhoto by Zelmer

2 0 1 2 ♡
Character: Alice
Series: Kamisama no Memochou
All Photos by Brian Lim unless stated. 

I really don't suit long hair. And I have the tendency to cosplay bubbly characters. (//∇//) Then, suddenly I watched Guilty Crown and decided to try doing this character (below) which is unlike me.

Character: Inori Yuzuriha
Series: Guilty Crown

 Character: Ranka Lee
Series: Macross Frontier
Makeup: Violet (My makeup skills didn't suddenly improve overnight~) 

Character: Honoka Kousaka
Series: School Idol Project! Love Live
P.S. This was before LL became ridiculously popular where they only had singles out in Youtube.

 Photos by Anthony Tan
I had a Christmas shoot for the very first time! How great~ 

2 0 1 3 ♡
Character: Yunoha Suroor
Series: Aquarion Evol 
All photos by Brian Lim 
Where's my Jin? 

I already updated Sakura's shoot here:

Thank you for going through this with me and pardon my pictures of the past. Everyone has their good and bad times. Of course, I will keep improving myself, be it the makeup, costume's details, or even overall as a person so that I can express myself even better. But for now, my pace for cosplaying wouldn't be that fast as compared to the past. It depends. Because I wish to focus more on other areas such as my own fashion, my own drawing or even trying out "Sweet Lolita"~ Will I suit? I wonder. Basically, I just wish to try out a wide range of things because we only live once. Why not? /(^ 3^)/

Do you like my new banner? 

See you,
Angie ♡

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