Perth Day 02 - Macnuts WA ❤

By Angie momo - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day two was just like any other peaceful day where we made a trip down to the MACNUTS WA. Even our local celebrity, Pornsak was invited to host and show the audience around this factory~ How did I know? It was shown on the television there!! I can't exactly remember the name of the tv programme, but it should probably be "Food Source", or better known as "食在好源頭" since it was his hit show!(^凹^)

Short intro of MACNUTS WA: It is actually a factory and shop based at Baldivis, the southern part of Perth in Western Australia. They grow and process their own fine grade macadamia nuts in their factory, then sell them in their own small shop.

The macnuts come in different flavours too, more popular ones namely - Natural, Roasted, Roasted Salted (My favourite!!). They sell a whole wide range of macadamia products, from honey, cookies, macadamia spread to even oil!

Do check it out if you're a fan of macadamia nuts!! ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
The exterior of the small shop was decorated with various beautiful flower pots which I found it extremely pleasing to my eyes. 

Some macnuts for you? (^ц^ )

After that we headed over to Lai Lai Chinese Restaurant for lunch where we had chicken rice as well as seafood hor fun! It was shared amongst the four of us, mom, myself, uncle and auntie~ And off, we left to shop at a random shopping mall which I don't remember the name but they have brands like Ally, JayJays, Cotton on, BODY, Diva and so on! 

'Cos glass bottled Coca-Cola is too old school in Singapore, I had to take this! Singapore doesn't have coke in bottles anymore, they're only available in cans these days~ v(。-_-。)v

This was the West side of the shopping mall entrance! Don't judge by the shophouses outside! It's actually pretty big inside. Before I forget mentioning, there's also an IMAX movie theater for you to catch the latest movie! All we did were merely just some shopping and chilling at the cafeteria. ( °٢° )

Our uncle drove pass this circus, and the first thought that came to my mind was "I wanna go to a circus, pretty please?" (´Д`。) 

TOP: Denim Jacket || Batman T-Shirt || Inner American Flag long sleeved Top || Cross Choker
BOTTOM: Skinnies || LiSA☆ official socks || Creepers

See you! ❤

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