Perth Day 03 - Cousin Karen's Wedding @ Old Swan Brewery ❣ *HEAVY PICS*

By Unknown - Thursday, July 11, 2013

My mom and I got up pretty early as usual and got ready to leave by 8.30am for my cousin's hotel at Fraser Suites Hotel. We were helping out with her Chinese tea ceremony there; that explains why we were up so early! w(°o°)w

To be up so early with heavy makeup and not to forget my 4 inches heels, I'm definitely out of my mind!! But it's all for the sake of looking good!!~~ \(>o<)ノ I wasn't a person that's good with heels to begin with; furthermore 4 inches, I'M CRAZY!  ( ꒪Д꒪) 

Even mom was already all prepared! ⊙0⊙

The beautiful skyline viewed from the 19th storey!(・□・;)

 Mom helping out with preparing and serving the tea for the ceremony later~ I played a simple role that very day (or just any other day as well): To take lots of pictures! (=`ω´=)

With my cousin in her traditional Chinese wedding dress! A woman always looks the most beautiful during their biggest day and I wish to be like that as well or even better! (=^・ω・^=)

Uncle Frankie and Aunt (My mom's older sister) who were really good hosts to us during this whole Perth trip!ヽ(^.^=ゞ) 

Couldn't really capture a good picture of mom~ (T_T)

Sneaky sneaky~ 

The tea ceremony ended around noon time, thus we left for Joy Garden Seafood restaurant for some dim sum lunch! We were pretty much chilling out with the other relatives in the restaurant before going separate ways. Auntie, Mom and I were supposed to return back to Fraser Suites by1plus to help out with my cousin's wedding gown since there was another ceremony which will be held at Old Swan Brewery where the couple will exchange their love vows with each other! *BUSY*

This is the restaurant (°ヘ°) I was just standing randomly, then Uncle Frankie asked if I would like a picture, then I was like "Okay~" Just wanted a full shot of myself!

Here it is! My cousin with her wedding gown~ So beautiful*(♡´ω`♡)

Then, I had this extraordinary experience thanks to my cousin. It was my first and probably the last time  I would get to sit in a limo, limousine!! I had trouble getting inside the car due to my heels but nonetheless, I make it! (_´ω`)
The chauffeur was extremely helpful (obviously) but his service really makes the experience a whole lot difference!(ノ´∀`) 

Inside the limousine~ (´ ▽`) I'll see if I can upload the video I captured inside into instagram!

Next destination: Old Swan Brewery 

Ceremony commerces~
Signing of marriage certificate (^(エ)^)
Happy couple! Dear cousin Karen & her husband, Evans, please stay happy forever! \(・`(ェ)・)/

 All the cousins unite! I'm the only one from my auntie's side. (」゚ペ)」

Nevertheless, happy selca! (。・ω・。)

After that, we went back to our motel to rest for awhile. And so, it's time for selcas in the toilet again!

If you've noticed, I changed my pair of cherry earrings to pastel coloured ribbon ones as well as the way I plaited my hair! There was plenty of time, so why not? Back to Old Swan Brewery*



Wedding Reception of Evan & Karen Ng (Momo's choice)
Entree: Twice baked dukkah-crumbed cheese souffle, roma tomato, pear & rocket salad; lemon butter
Main: Seared snapper, steamed choy sum & chinese cabbage, salt & pepper tofu, star anise broth
Dessert: Sticky date & banana pudding, butterscotch ice cream, rich toffee sauce (This is love!♥♥)

P.S. I regretted not choosing the braised beef cheeks as my main! (/(エ)\)

The young ones reunited at Table 3 once again, this time together with cousin Katherine and hubby (I attended their wedding last year as well)!

Last but not least, Turkish delight for souvenirs back home! (´(エ)`)

This marks my whole day at the wedding. Isn't it very different from the ones we attend in Singapore? But in any case, it was really heart-warming as usual because wedding is the stage where a couple can officially be a husband and wife, as one together. How nice? When's my turn? ( (ミ´ω`ミ))

With loves,

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