Summer Fashion: Culottes with Tropical Prints and Mustard Coloured Top

By Unknown - Friday, September 22, 2017

Hello everyone!! 

This summer has been endless and prominent with lots of tropical prints everywhere! Needless to say, I join in the game with this refreshing, sunny outfit that I would say that I have never exactly tried out before - A mustard top with a pair of comfy tropical prints culottes! This would probably be my second time rocking a mustard coloured top and my first for tropical prints! There is always a first for everything, isn't it?

Summer always seems continuous in Singapore since we are gifted with bright, sunny days almost the entire year. While we are unable to enjoy winter fashion like certain countries, I am still quite thankful that we can go "light" on our outfit choices. This year, the tropical vibes seem strong for Singapore's summer fashion as tropical leaves have been used as visual props for instagram shots to a great extent are as well as an increase in people rocking tropical prints in their coordinates.

This time, I decided to bring a little tropical flavour to my summer outfit by incorporating the trendy mustard colour together with tropical prints and I must say that they compliment each other pretty well!

The little frills details in between the collarbone and bust area make the mustard coloured top less boring and more charming than usual. Its square neckline also enables my collarbone to be more prominent, making myself appear longer and leaner. An advantage of a square neckline top is it being suitable for all body types and especially excellent at elongating short neck and narrow shoulders. Furthermore, the top is made of cotton material, which makes it super light and comfortable for summer. To add the finishing touches, I pair the top with a simple piece of necklace so that it would not grab its spotlight away.

Next, let's talk about the tropical print culottes!

Needless to say, the culottes are made of chiffon material, a lightweight fabric, which provides a floating or airy appearance when worn. Additionally, the material also enables the skin to feel more comfortable and "easier to breathe", such that my legs totally did not sweat despite the crazy weather.

A ring belt also comes together with the pair of culottes of the exact prints. While it helps to make the culottes look less sloppy when worn, I must say that the ring belt does give quite a bit of issues from time to time as the fabric slips off occasionally as the ring is unable to hold the chiffon fabric over time. Other than this minor flaw, everything else works fine!

Elastic waist band check! Side Pockets check! Chiffon material check! Everything great!

What attracted me the most during the purchase was definitely the tropical prints - its greenery shades, as well as big but modest tropical flowers and leaves, which reminds me of Hawaii instantly. Since I am quite a fan of Terrace House, a Japanese reality television show franchise, the tropical prints reminded me immediately of their franchise set in Hawaii - Terrace House: Aloha State. I can't wait for Season 4 to be released on September 24 next week!
Is any of you catching this show as well? 

To ensure it is truly Summer, a piece of tropical prints clothing is definitely needed in your wardrobe right now if your country is still experiencing the summer season!

If you were me, how would you style the pair of tropics printed culottes or mustard top next time? 

I am leaning towards wearing my mustard top with a pair of baggy denim pants or even denim jumpers/overalls next time! While my culottes will definitely flow well with a piece of light chiffon outerwear (preferably in white or cream colours) and plain top (typically my kind of T-shirt or even a simple camisole)!

Outfit Rundown
Top & Culottes : ShopLoooh

I definitely had fun rocking this Summer outfit and would keep my options open for more tropical prints!!

For your information, this is my first time purchasing from ShopLoooh, a Malaysian online shopping platform and my experience has been the best. My clothes managed to reach me in less than a week despite having a public holiday in between. Furthermore, their new arrivals are always created with fun and creative lookbooks for everyone to source their ideas from. No doubt if their new collection attracts me, I will definitely not hesitate to purchase from them again! 

Let me know if this Summer outfit is a Yay! or Nah for you in the comment box below!😉

Why not enjoy this endless Summer with some tropical touches to your outfit?

I hope that the information has been useful to you. If you have other unique ideas that you would like to share that can probably be a great blog post, please share your thoughts. Thank you! 

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